MIRACL provides the world’s only user-friendly, robust Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and Digital Signing service suitable for mass deployment to large desktop and mobile userbases.

MIRACL Trust® ID is a 100% software solution providing true two-factor authentication using the latest Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology - no personal data is stored or transmitted. This eliminates the need for outdated security practices such as passwords, SMS Texts, push notifications and key-cards.

Usability is paramount, no additional user enrollment steps are required and users authenticate & sign using a simple PIN. Without the requirement for hardware, mobiles or fiddly second steps, your users will love the simplicity and you will appreciate the reduction in support and maintenance overheads.

Provisioned as a PAYG service at a fraction of the cost of hardware solutions or SMS texts, MIRACL Trust® ID can be integrated into any OIDC compliant platform such as ForgeRock. Capable of scaling to millions of users overnight, a combination of usability, security and cost make it possible to deploy strong MFA to large B2C networks where it was previously impossible or impractical.

MIRACL Trust® ID and MIRACL Trust® Proof make a perfect addition to any large-scale ForgeRock installation.

  • Meet PSD2 Requirements - “Strong Customer Authentication” (SCA) and “dynamic linking”
  • Reduce GDPR and Brand Risks - No valuable security information stored on device or in the cloud, No vulnerable password database, no “honeypots” of data to hack
  • Digitally Sign Anything – payment transactions, user actions, process steps and document transfers
  • Improve Security – military grade cryptography forms a Zero Knowledge Proof meaning no personal user data is sent across web or SMS. Mitigates against Man-in-the-middle, Phishing, Fraud and Identity Theft
  • Improve User Experience – no hardware required, no two step SMS text, no push response, just a simple PIN
  • Simplify for Users – same interface for desktop and mobile, no extra registrations steps to enroll, no complex passwords to remember. Put an end to ‘I forgot my password’ support calls
  • Reduce Costs – PAYG, no hardware to distribute or maintain, a fraction the cost of an SMS, as cheap as managing Password/Usernames, suitable for deployment to large B2B2C networks

Please visit http://miracl.com or email [email protected] for details.

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