Vouch is a Decentralized Identity Trust Platform that solves the security issues associated with password-based systems:

Vouch Identity Engine - eliminates password-based hacking and user credential theft using multi-factor identity credentials stored in the blockchain.  Biometrics eliminate passwords. There is no PII to steal.  Vouch eliminates the frustrating user experience and expensive reset costs associated with passwords.

Vouch Smart Policy Engine - enables project teams use Vouch ID’s to “vouch” permissions, approvals & sign-offs within the team and the enterprise, effectively decentralizing approvals and speeding up lengthy and cumbersome approval processes.  Approvals are as simple as checking a message on your phone and supplying a biometric (Face ID or Touch ID).

Vouch Audit Engine - enables enterprises to have high confidence in data used for audit, compliance and regulatory purposes.  Vouch identities maintain tamper-proof chain-of-custody data anytime they are asserted - delivering high confidence "who, did what, when” compliance data.  API’s enable easy integration into enterprise systems.

Vouch for IOT -  enables devices to determine the authenticity of other devices, firmware, and software.  Breakthrough device intelligence and security is achieved.  Eliminates the possibility of “bricked” devices.  

About Vouch - Vouch is an Atlanta-based technology company focused on helping global enterprises unite human & digital identities for absolute trust.  For more information visit https://vouch.io/ or contact us at [email protected].


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