XignSys is an IT-Security company that enables the use of digital identities in every context, the web and the real world. Therefor XignSys develops the next generation of strong and passwordless authentication, digital signatures and digital identity brokering solution, with the focus of maximum security, maximum usability and maximized flexibility. XignSys' product XignQR can act and be used as authentication, signature and identity provider, as SaaS or on-premise.

With XignSys the personal smartphone acts as key to the personal identity of the user. For higher security levels it can be combined with further security tokens, authenticators, contextual and adaptive authentication. The multi-factor-authentication on one device is also possible. XignSys goes a step further and uses strong cryptographic PKI based authentication protocols to go beyond shared secrets and OTPs. The trigger for authentication and signatures with QR Codes, Push, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth and Deep-Links enables a seamless integration for Web-, IoT- and Smart City use cases.

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