Get the Mobile Network Advantage when you add ZenKey to ForgeRock

ZenKey is a unique, network-based identity solution that relies on data derived from wireless carriers to verify users. It provides a highly secure way for online services to verify their customers' identities when they login from a mobile device. It lets people easily log into apps and websites, providing highly secure registration, authentication and transaction confirmation.

The Mobile Network Advantage

ZenKey relies on unique attributes from both a user's device and the wireless carrier network - data only the mobile carriers have access to and can't be compromised by stolen credentials or a simple SIM swap.

The result is a more secure device-based, multifactor authentication that does not rely on SMS or email, while eliminating barriers for subscriber adoption and providing a higher rate of customer conversions.


ZenKey offers highly secure registration, authentication and transaction authorization, and reduces costly user-experience issues
Increase Conversions

About 60% of users abandon the registration process because it’s a hassle. Even worse, shopping cart abandonment is at 70%. With ZenKey, you can capture more of these registrations and abandoned shopping carts.


Decrease Fraud

SIM swap fraud is on the rise and has cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. To lock them out for good, ZenKey offers a suite of APIs and event alerts (Trust Services) for Service Providers to receive on-demand fraud signals and automatic indicators.

Enhance Security

Social engineering and phishing have made PIN and SMS verification popular for validating transactions, but these are still vulnerable to attacks. With ZenKey, you can offer biometric two-factor authentication to your customers that doesn’t rely on SMS.

"ZenKey and ForgeRock share the goal of providing End Users with an enhanced, highly secure and delightful experience. Bringing ZenKey’s capabilities to the ForgeRock Identity platform will provide our joint customers with the best possible End User journey."


Johannes Jaskolski, General Manager, ZenKey



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Marketplace Module Integration

With ZenKey's integration into ForgeRock's Intelligent Access, customers can now add cellular network-based registration and authentication for primary device flows, and secondary device flows using a browser on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop. Leveraging the OpenID Connect MODRNA discovery flow, the ZenKey Node is able to discover which mobile network operator (MNO) the user is using. The user is authenticated via their mobile device through a push notification along with platform biometrics. 

Through ForgeRock Intelligent Access, a ZenKey user's profile can also be automatically provisioned to the ForgeRock Identity Platform based on attributes from the user's MNO. This capability reduces user friction and establishes a highly secure, trusted identity for the user when logging into a site or service. ZenKey can also be configured as a required authentication mechanism, a step-up mechanism, or an optional authentication mechanism similar to the Social Providers, a very familiar experience to users. When used together, ForgeRock and Zenkey have the ability to improve end-users' login and registration experiences significantly.

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