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Leverage the industry's leading access management solution to deliver exceptional digital access experiences for your customers and workforce

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Leap Ahead of the Competition

Today's global organizations need to be fast, innovative, and flexible to stay on top. Creating digital experiences that keep users secure, connected, and coming back for more is a best practice to achieve this.

ForgeRock Access Management enables you to create customized user access journeys that set your organization apart.

  • Support all identities
  • Orchestrate user journeys
  • Accelerate legacy migration
Consumer Access Management

Acquire customers faster by delivering great customer experiences

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Workforce Access Management

Boost employee productivity by accelerating secure access

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Move Beyond Standard Access Management


ForgeRock Access Management is a comprehensive, unified solution designed to quickly enable exceptional experiences tailored to the unique needs of your users and workforce.


ForgeRock helps you ensure that each user's digital journey through your organization is secure and effortless – every step of the way.

Maximize Your Online Revenue

When users get their digital needs met quickly, work productivity increases, purchases are completed, and happy customers come back for more. With ForgeRock, you can delight your users starting at login with a frictionless authentication experience. Build safe, engaging authentication journeys using options like passwordless and usernameless logins, single sign-on, biometrics, contextual analytics, and behavioral authentication.


Elevate Your Security

When the threat level rises, you can rise to the occasion by swiftly changing how your users access your most sensitive applications. With the ForgeRock Trust Network, our community of fully vetted and tested technology partners, you can get started on strengthening your security with just a few clicks. Need bot detection? How about identity proofing or risk-based authentication? By accessing the Trust Network, you can test new user journeys and enable them when you are ready. You can make your applications and data available where your users most need them. And you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe and productive.


Gain Operational Efficiencies

Is your legacy IAM infrastructure hindering innovation and draining your IT budget? Get the agility you need while saving costs by consolidating your legacy systems under a single platform that provides consistent, centralized control over all your user identities and access-related policies. Scalable access management also supports new business initiatives that help you stay competitive, now and in the future. You’ll be fully prepared to respond more quickly to the needs of your users in a dynamic environment.

Design User Journeys that Matter

The online experience that wins is the one that is seamless and secure and gets your users to where they need to go – fast – from the first "digital touch" with your organization to every subsequent interaction. It’s really that simple. ForgeRock Access Management helps you do this with:

  • Low-code/no-code drag-and-drop orchestration of any user access journey with Intelligent Access. No programmers or developers required
  • A graphical visualization tool so you can see each user's access journey and add new capabilities – at a moment's notice
  • The ForgeRock Trust Network, a library of pre-integrated technology partner solutions that you drag and drop into your user access journeys

Step Up to Passwordless Authentication

Getting rid of passwords for all users enterprise-wide sounds too daunting for many organizations to try it. However, with the right solution, implementing passwordless authentication is quite easy. ForgeRock Access Management can get you started with a policy-based approach that scales across your entire organization. Access Management addresses the challenge of static passwords by:

  • Replacing user-selected passwords with other options: easy multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, SSO, and federation
  • Supporting Zero Trust/CARTA models that elevate both easy access and security
  • Prompting step-up authentication as necessary
  • Facilitating social login to give your users easy access while you retain control over access policies
  • Giving your users control over their privacy information with support for user-managed access (UMA)

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