ForgeRock Identity Platform™

Access Management

Based on the OpenAM Project

What’s New

On-demand webcast: New features in ForgeRock Access Management.


Control Access for Users, Devices, Things, Applications, and Services

Our approach to access management? One system to rule them all. One thing to download and deploy, providing comprehensive access management capabilities to control access to all the things in your world–digital and physical.

Be the lord of the things, with a platform that helps you easily create innovative products and services, with identity at the center of everything. Leave behind the typical legacy troll offering a grab bag of disparate products to integrate.

ForgeRock Access Management bridges the gap. You deploy once, use what you want, and incrementally extend your capability as needed–without jumping through procurement and deployment hoops every time.

Technical Resources

Get the technical resources and documentation to get started with ForgeRock Access Management


Step Up Security with Our Mobile Authentication App

Quickly deploy mobile authentication for your users with our out-of-the-box iOS or Android mobile authentication app. Receive and respond to mobile push notifications, provide strong multi-factor authentication, generate one-time passwords, and deliver easy and secure provisioning with QR codes. Deliver a frictionless user experience that also provides increased security and peace of mind.