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Consumers and business users want simple, seamless, and secure access to resources but they don’t want to be burdened with complex security requirements. Additionally, you now have to worry about secure access to smart connected things like doors, switches, lights, and cars.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, it’s possible to establish simple and flexible access policies that protect your resources at all times. Ensure authenticity that secures data post-authentication with contextual coarse and fine-grained authorization.

Flexible Coarse and Fine-Grained Authorization

With the expansion of users, devices, and things, you need more than an all or nothing approach to authorization. The ForgeRock Identity Platform provides flexible authorization policy, from basic, simple, coarse-grained rules to rich, powerful, fine-grained entitlements with contextual understanding.

• Eliminate an all or nothing approach to authorization with flexible coarse and fine grained authorization.
• Empower developers to quickly add or change policy as needed, without modification to underlying applications.
• Shape how digital services interact with users, devices, and things by authorizing how data is shared across the business based on dynamic information.
• Enable secure access to non-web resources, like doors, buttons, or switches with fine-grained authorization, a critical component to IoT and building digital identity ecosystems.

Contextual Authorization

Build context-based intelligence into policies to protect resources at the time of access, not just based on context during authentication.

• Ensure authenticity of users, devices, things, and services at all times with contextual and continuous authorization that can mitigate risk whenever an anomaly is detected, even during existing sessions.
• Deliver a way to build secure and dynamic policies to assess risk at resource-access time.
• Call external policy information points with easy to write scripts to gain greater knowledge about who the user is and what their context is.
• Use context to assess risk, requiring stronger authentication mechanisms only when necessary to make it easier for users while maintaining system security.

Continuous Authorization

Most solutions only protect at initial authentication. Apply contextual identity, adaptive risk, and multi-factor authentication at the time of authentication as well as at any point during a digital session. Our continuous security approach ensures authenticity of users, devices, things, and services at all times and can mitigate risk whenever an anomaly is detected, even during existing sessions.

Universal Authorization Beyond URLs

Externalizing authorization enables policies to be updated without the lengthy time it takes re-coding apps. With Universal Authorization, you can define your own resource types (such as door locks and light bulbs) with custom actions, enabling you to build solution-specific policies. You can externalize policy in situations such as IoT projects where devices may attempt to access resources other than URLs.

High Performance Policy Engine and Editor

Deliver greater control over who can do what, when, and under which conditions with a
modern UI that makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to implement fine-grained authorization with point and click, drag and drop operations. Sophisticated policies can be built to deliver controlled access to resources and you can also define permissions and policies that reflect the complex and dynamic relationships between people, services, and things that are connected online.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform

It’s alive! Typical legacy systems with piece parts stitched together, 20 different SKUs, products acquired from who knows where…. and somehow the “identity suite” you’ve been sold is supposed to work as a seamless, unified identity offering that can manage millions of identities for your users, devices, services, and connected things. You have a monster on your hands, with an identity crisis brewing.
Typical identity products don’t play well with others, and were designed with limited functionality and vision. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, leaving you to pick up the pieces, put it together, and foot the bill. These “suites” can’t scale, and they were built for thousands of employees, not the millions of identities coming online.

ForgeRock is kicking Frankenstein out of the castle. We built the ForgeRock Identity Platform from the ground up, designed from the start as a unified model to integrate with any of your digital services. We offer end-to-end capability designed to scale into the billions and support you not just now, but years into the future - and that’s no marketing spin! You get the feeling it was all built to work together, because it was. Think Rosie, not Frankenstein.