Intelligent Access, formerly Intelligent Authentication

Leverage the industry’s most intuitive and intelligent identity orchestration platform to easily orchestrate, personalize, and secure your user journeys.

Whitepaper: Introducing ForgeRock Intelligent Access

What Is Intelligent Access?


The pressure is on.  Customers want easy access to services that cater to personal preferences and to not be side tracked with cumbersome registration, password resets, or forgotten credentials, while organizations need to protect their assets and customer data from emerging fraud and cyber threats. 

You need an easy, secure, and future-proof access orchestration solution that ties together the identities, applications, and services at the center of your business strategy. By leveraging a Zero Trust and Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) identity orchestration framework, you can strike a balance between security and user choice, delivering a more secure and meaningful experience across all digital touchpoints for all users, anytime, and anywhere.

ForgeRock Intelligent Access is a powerful, visual designer with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily orchestrate, personalize, and secure your user journeys. Intelligent Access includes rich features that enable you to deliver unparalleled user experiences by offering things like user choice, omnichannel user recognition, and better security.

Intelligent Authentication

With Intelligent Access, you can

  • Quickly consume out-of-the-box authenticators, use existing authenticators, integrate with cybersecurity solutions, and create custom authenticators.
  • Visually design user journeys for your workforce and consumers with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create a variety of security and risk profiles. 
  • Easily configure, measure, and adjust login journeys using digital signals, including device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, analytics, and risk-based factors. 
  • Offer user self service for registration, progressive profiling, and forgotten credentials directly inline with the authentication experience.
  • Provide an unsurpassed login experience with usernameless and passwordless authentication.
  • Leverage user login analytics to increase user adoption rates and improve the customer experience.
  • Automatically redirect suspicious users for further monitoring.

Ebook: Five Keys to Creating Awesome and Secure User Journeys

Strengthen Your Zero Trust and CARTA Security Landscape

Improve the security posture of your business by designing purpose-built user journeys. With ForgeRock Intelligent Authentication, you can establish your required level of trust by interconnecting digital signals, factors, and third-party integrations for risk, fraud, and malware. The solution enables you to secure the login experience, audit all login events, and minimize risks of bots, distributed-denial-of service (DDoS) attacks and data breaches. 

Intelligent Authentication secures your users and your business by:

  • Pre-identifying a user’s digital signals, such as location, IP address, device type, operating system, browser type, and more — before a username is even collected. 
  • Intelligently adjusting login journeys to identify legitimate and suspicious users.
  • Uncovering threats by isolating and monitoring malicious activity using honeypots. 

Whitepaper: Reduce the Total Cost of Fraud

 Prevent Fraud and Data Breaches with Threat Intelligence

Deliver Exceptional Experiences from the Start

Everyone wants a simple and flexible omnichannel login journey and to not be side tracked with cumbersome registration, password resets, or forgotten  credentials. Give your users the seamless and easy access experiences they demand. With Intelligent Access, crafting and offering unsurpassed experiences is easy. 

Intelligent Access enables you to: 

  • Offer dynamic login choices, such as usernameless and passwordless or methods such as using as biometrics, MFA, or push notifications
  • Continually assess and improve the user experience across multiple digital touchpoints. 
  • Require extra steps in the login journey only when necessary. 
  • Offer user self service for registration, progressive profiling, and forgotten credentials seamlessly with the authentication experience
  • Personalize user experiences based on the user’s device or where they’re located.

Whitepaper: Reduce Call Volume and Support Costs with Intelligent Self-Service

Offer Login Options Users Want

Leverage Device Context for Personalization

Deliver Dynamic Personalization

Irrelevant content can frustrate consumers. Intelligent Access helps you deliver dynamic, relevant content by using identity and non-identity context to drive personalization. You can leverage digital signals — like user device, location, and time — in real time to build dynamic, personalized content. This informs downstream applications, and, ultimately, helps you develop offers aligned with customer expectations.


Build and Deploy with Ease

Visually map login journeys before implementing them with an interface that supports agility and rapid integration. Intelligent Access provides drag-and-drop capabilities so you can easily design and adjust journeys that satisfy user populations across your digital channels.



Harness Analytics to Optimize Customer Journeys

Data-driven insights help you to continuously improve and secure the user journey. User Login Analytics, built into Intelligent Access, offer metrics and timers that measure user interactions as well as their devices, such as the time it takes to authenticate and call out to third-party systems across services and applications. 

With User Login Analytics you can:

  • Evaluate whether logins result in increased abandoned shopping carts.

  • Assess average time for call-outs to fraud systems.

  • Monitor performance of Service Level Agreements that impact login journeys.

  • Determine if shorter login journeys result in fewer help desk calls.

Gain Data-Driven Insight with User Login Analytics. 

Monitor Performance of User Login Journeys and Service Level Agreements.

Facilitate Continuous Real-Time Authorization

Many solutions only protect at initial authentication. The ForgeRock Identity Platform enables organizations to compare context captured during authentication and authorization attempts on a continuous basis.

Contextual authorization moves away from rigid “allow/deny” rules and adapts to offer robust “allow but redact” policies that are implemented through Intelligent Access. It can take into account digital signals such as context (IP address, operating system, browser, device, time of day), behavior (“Does the user log in at a particular hour” or “Is the location familiar?”), and risk-based factors (“Is the user accessing sensitive data?”). If an environmental or contextual attribute changes (such as the user’s IP address), you can request re-authentication or a stronger credential.  

This approach ensures the authenticity of people, things, and services at all times and mitigates risk whenever an anomaly is detected.


Take Control of Internet of Things (IoT) Device Journeys


The Internet of Things (IoT) devices on your network likely outnumber your human users. Gaining insight into what types of IoT devices you have and how they are used helps you protect your organization and generate new revenue streams.

With ForgeRock Intelligent Access, you can manage IoT devices through the same intuitive user interface you employ to design login journeys for other identities. You can drag and drop different authentication methods to support if/then scenarios. You can also design zero-touch onboarding to ensure all IoT devices are strongly authenticating on first contact with your network. With a single solution, you can manage and gain comprehensive visibility to all identities in your organization: customers, workforce, and things.

White Paper: Secure Identity and Access for the Internet of Things



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