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Mobile Authentication & Authorization

Passwordless & Multi-Factor Authentication

ForgeRock provides flexible, simple to deploy, and easy to use mobile authentication, seamlessly integrated into the login process. Push Authentication enables secure, passwordless logins, and frictionless multi-factor authentication. And one-time passwords provide even more options to ensure the user is who they say they are.

  • Push Authentication provides secure notifications to mobile phones asking the user to approve login attempts with a simple swipe or using Touch ID, allowing for passwordless logins and easy-to-use multi-factor authentication.
  • Uses out-of-the-box standards-based solutions such as OATH and HOTP that allow a mobile phone as a second authentication factor by generating SMS or SOFT-TOKENs.
  • Offers option for additional authentication factors, including one-time passwords sent to mobile phones, hardware tokens, biometric devices, and more — a requirement for highly sensitive applications and sites.

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Passwordless Logins & Simpler Multi-factor Authentication


Transactional Authorization

Enable consumers to securely and conveniently approve high risk transactions and events, via mobile phone notifications. Push authorization provides an approval mechanism that is event based, increases security, and reduces the threat window for malicious activity such as replay attacks.

  • Provides secure notifications to mobile phones asking the user to verify and approve high-risk transactions with a simple swipe or using Touch ID.
  • Improves security by requiring a user to perform additional actions when trying to access protected resources
  • Can be tied to any authentication chain to configure transactions with an authentication strategy that asks the user to reauthenticate before being allowed access to resources.
  • Authorization is event based, protecting against replay attacks.

Technical Resources

Get the technical details on the ForgeRock Access Management offering:

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Evolve your Security with the Mobile Authentication App

Simplify security with our out-of-the-box iOS or Android mobile authentication app. Receive and respond to mobile push notifications, provide strong multi-factor authentication, generate one-time passwords, and deliver easy and secure provisioning with QR codes. Recovery codes can be used in the event of lost or stolen devices. You can even take the source code for the app and customize it to your exact needs. This makes it quick and easy for organizations to deploy mobile authentication for their users.