Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

With ForgeRock, you can easily enable MFA to provide secure and frictionless access for all your trusted users.

 The Need for MFA


For years, the leading cause of data breaches has been unauthorized access — in other words, login credentials that have fallen into the wrong hands. While usernames and passwords have remained the go-to authentication method, they are no longer enough.

With MFA, even if a customer’s or employee’s credentials are stolen, they can’t be used to access an account illegitimately.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

"In 2021, more than 2 billion records were breached containing usernames and passwords."

2022 ForgeRock Identity Breach Report


Prevent Fraud. Eliminate Customer Frustration.


Unauthorized access is responsible for fully half of today’s data breaches. MFA is a critical step in preventing it by applying extra steps — or “friction” — before granting access.


But it’s important to avoid unnecessary friction for your legitimate users. With ForgeRock, you can apply “step-up” authentication when risk factors are detected, while enabling passwordless authentication for low-risk requests.

Create Personalized and Secure Access Journeys

Build dynamic and secure journeys with the simple drag-and-drop interface in ForgeRock Intelligent Access.


Leverage AI-Driven Threat Protection

Prevent account takeover and fraud while improving experiences for legitimate users with ForgeRock Autonomous Access.


Bring Passwordless Authentication to MFA

Learn how to make passwordless authentication part of your MFA strategy for simpler logins and stronger security with ForgeRock Passwordless Authentication.

Prevent Unauthorized Access. Enhance Workforce Productivity

In the workplace, it’s essential to ensure secure access to resources without putting too many obstacles between workers and the tools they need to do their jobs.

With MFA, employees can simply use their smartphone and a fingerprint. It’s convenient for users and prevents unauthorized access.

And with AI-powered MFA, anomalous employee behavior, such as a change in device or location, triggers additional authentication steps.

Apply Contextual Access to Expand Zero Trust

Build context-based intelligence into policies to assess risk at the time of access as well as at any point during a digital session with ForgeRock Workforce IAM.

Single Sign-On

Enable users to log in once for access to all their applications and resources with ForgeRock Single Sign-on.

Push Notifications: Simple, Strong Protection

Learn about the latest Forgerock Authenticator App


   Keep Users Safe, Happy, and Productive


Go Passwordless

Let users sign in with a tap, a touch, or a smile.

Enable Single Sign-On

Streamline employee access to all cloud, legacy, and third-party apps.

Leverage Zero Trust

Authenticate and authorize continuously and apply least-privileged access.

Do MFA Your Way

No two organizations are exactly alike. With ForgeRock, you have the flexibility to create user access journeys that support your security and access policies. ForgeRock supports industry-standard protocols, including Open Authentication (OATH) for one-time passwords, and Web Authentication (WebAuthn) to enable the use of an authenticator device, such as a fingerprint scanner.

ForgeRock Authentication Methods
  • Push notification
  • One-time password (OTP) via app, email, or SMS
  • FIDO2 security keys
  • Biometrics (facial, fingerprint, and more)
  • OATH: For use with OATH-based hardware devices (Yubikey, RSA)
  • Risk-based authentication (location, device and environmental factors)
  • X.509 certificates

In addition to built-in authentication nodes, the ForgeRock Trust Network makes it easy to use authentication methods from other vendors. ForgeRock also offers mobile SDKs to build authentication into the mobile experience into workflows and to customize to meet branding and seamless customer experiences into the mix.

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Solution Brief

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity AI-Driven Identity for the Modern Enterprise

An AI-Driven identity analytics solution that allows organizations to achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.


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