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Simple and secure access experiences that flow. Say goodbye to usernames with the next wave of passwordless authentication.

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Experiences That Flow

Today’s digital experience standard is clicking “buy” and seeing an Amazon Prime box on your doorstep the next day. ForgeRock Go is a way for all businesses to offer a similar premium digital experience. 

No one looks forward to entering usernames or passwords. Until recently, these steps were necessary to ensure that a person actually is who they claim to be in the digital world. With ForgeRock Go, users can bypass the tedious process of constantly entering their username and password. 

Using ForgeRock Go to authenticate is similar to using a credit card to make a purchase. Instead of remembering a username and password, users can provide a pin-protected external authenticator (something you know and something you have) or biometrics that are native to devices like Touch ID (something you are and something you have). 

Never having to remember usernames and passwords means business owners will appreciate the reduced help desk costs, and users will enjoy a smoother login experience.

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Total Breaches by Vulnerability Type 

More Security, More Convenience

The average person has more than 90 online accounts, many of which require complicated and lengthy usernames and passwords to improve security. As a result, easily guessed usernames and passwords get recycled, making all systems only as secure as the weakest one. Because of this, usernames and passwords are the leading attack vector in data breaches, account hijacking, and identity theft.

ForgeRock Go helps you secure your organization and your users with low-friction passwordless and usernameless authentication – with the added convenience of biometrics. You can create a secure and seamless login experience by authenticating with any credential on the user’s device that supports FIDO2 WebAuthN.

You can use device information to make smart and secure business decisions that support Zero Trust, such as allowing only trusted devices like Windows laptops for passwordless and usernameless authentication. You can also grant lower levels of access to apps, such as read-only if on an untrusted device or invoke additional authentication, such as a one-time password (OTP), for higher assurance.

Eliminating passwords reduces phishing and replay attacks as well as username and password theft.

Consumer Identity Breach Report

Passwordless: How It Works

Usernames and passwords are not secure and deliver a poor user experience. Even though there are strong MFA solutions on the market today, many are proprietary, require complex integrations, and don’t provide the level of agility that many security and identity teams require. A standards-based approach to authentication ensures greater security, interoperability, and an agile platform for new business demands. 

As a part of Intelligent Access, ForgeRock Go enables standards-based, out-of-the-box usernameless and passwordless authentication based on FIDO WebAuthn with the added convenience of biometrics. With WebAuthn as part of Intelligent Access, you can create trees once and allow multiple different authenticators to run simultaneously. The result is huge cost and complexity savings compared to existing implementations.

Orchestrate Friction-Free Passwordless Journeys

Usernameless: How It Works

You can extend passwordless authentication to include usernameless authentication with popular authenticators that support resident keys, including Yubico (pin-protected), TouchID, and Windows Hello (biometric authenticators). If users share a service and have more than one profile registered, they can choose their profile from a menu no typing required. By storing user credentials on authenticators instead of a remote server, you can leverage the easiest and most secure authentication methods available today.

Implementing a passwordless and usernameless experience is as simple as leveraging our Intelligent Access tree framework, with out-of-the-box user journeys. Simply drag and drop a WebAuthn registration and WebAuthn login node into your design journey, and ensure the username to device switch is enabled. That’s it! You can easily design and adjust user journeys to fit any business need. Provide differentiating authentication options in minutes that secure and delight users. That’s the power of ForgeRock Go.

Deliver secure Usernameless and Passwordless Journeys in Minutes 

ForgeRock Trust Network 

More Ways than One for a Passwordless Future

ForgeRock provides both out-of-the-box and third-party passwordless solutions to propel your business and give your users ultimate flexibility and choice.   

Our portfolio of third-party solutions, delivered through the ForgeRock Trust Network, includes centralized biometric systems for roaming or inter-device movement, easy-to-implement and creative Fast Identity Online (FIDO) solutions, and innovative biometrics modalities that go beyond what is available with FIDO or native to the device. 

The ForgeRock Trust Network is a technology ecosystem of more than 80 partners that gives you access to a vast array of digital identity capabilities using the ForgeRock Identity Platform. In addition to biometrics, technology partner categories also include strong authentication, risk and fraud management, and identity proofing and enrichment.

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