Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication Solutions

Provide exceptional login experiences and no-compromise security with superior single sign on solutions for your customers, applications, services, and workforce.

ForgeTalk: What is Single Sign On?

Eliminate Multiple Logins. Delight Your Users.

Requiring multiple logins leads to user frustration and drop out. Single sign on (SSO) allows your users to log in once, then gain access to all their applications and services.

SSO can be enabled per domain, across domains and even outside your organization with federated SSO. All applications – cloud, legacy, third-party, and more – can be accessed from a single, common secure login.

  • Deliver frictionless access experiences
  • Leverage open standards
  • Integrate with legacy and modern apps

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Streamline User Logins and Provide Greater Security


ForgeRock single sign on helps your organization deliver a ‘log in once, access everything’ environment for all users to gain access to all their applications.


Requiring a different login for each application leads to user drop-off, lost revenue, and diminished productivity. ForgeRock lets you adopt a better way, setting a single, strong user login point that is enforced universally by policy.

Leap Ahead of the Competition

User experience is everything. These days, organizations that provide the fastest, most seamless access across a wide array of applications are the ones that win the business. With more devices and more ways for users to digitally enter your organization, designing journeys that provide consistently strong, yet frictionless login across the omnichannel experience leads to greater customer satisfaction and revenue.

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Enable Zero Trust Principles

Single sign on opens up a world of new possibilities. For example, ForgeRock SSO can apply intelligence to login decisions, turning user devices and locations into analytics to make real-time, policy-based decisions on user access. Users coming from trusted devices can quickly gain access. Or, in high-risk situations, an additional request for further credentials – step up authentication – can be applied to ensure a greater level of identity assurance.

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Modernize at Your Own Pace

You don’t need a forklift upgrade for your legacy IT to deliver great user experiences. Single sign on easily provides access to your legacy applications from a single portal or user login. This delivers a unified, seamless user access experience to all your applications while freeing your team to work on high-value projects.

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Design Your User Experience

Drive the ultimate frictionless access experiences for your users. Using ForgeRock Intelligent Access and our low code/no-code approach, you can drag and drop different elements, like authentication methods and contextual authentication, into your single sign on journeys. Test out the scenarios that work for your users, and alter them rapidly when security situations change.

  • Build SSO experiences that delight
  • Provide CARTA/continuous authorization security with your single sign on
  • Connect seamlessly to third-party services using proven standards

Learn How to Design SSO Journeys

Move Beyond the Password

Single sign on is commonly associated with passwords – but it doesn't have to be. In fact, movement is trending solidly away from user-selected passwords towards more frictionless, stronger methods like risk-based, contextual, behavioral, or biometric authentication. These passwordless authentication methods are the perfect technology to apply at the point of SSO.

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Migration Guide

 Let Go of Legacy Solutions

Migrate from CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder SSO) to ForgeRock Identity Platform

Customer Story

Integrating Federated SSO With Legacy Architecture

PLUS Retail uses the ForgeRock Identity Platform to deliver a better customer experience and drive revenue

Intelligent Access

Simple and Secure Authentication

Easily configure, measure, and adjust login journeys using digital signals including device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, and risk-based factors

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