Our One and Done Single Sign On (SSO) Solution

Your users demand fast, secure, and seamless access to your services without having to remember multiple user names and passwords – in other words: single sign-on. Whether you manage multiple brands under different domains, sub-domains, or applications, or your users need access to and from a variety of devices, ForgeRock's SSO technology provides a seamless and secure experience. Whatever the situation, our single sign on solutions have you covered. In fact, our SSO solutions are one of the most popular reasons customers select ForgeRock as their access management solution.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can enable users to sign in once and get access to all authorized systems, regardless of which application they logged into first.

  • Provide a variety of flexible options for single sign on, whether the requirement is to enable cross-domain SSO for a single organization, or the implementation of a SSO solution across multiple organizations.
  • Create a seamless heterogeneous OS and Web application environment with Windows Desktop SSO support.
  • Support multiple options for policy enforcement and protecting resources, including policy agents that reside on web or application servers.
  • Use built-in Security Token Service (STS) as a multi-protocol hub, translating for providers who rely on other and older standards.
Intelligent Authentication


Easily configure, measure, and adjust login journeys using digital signals including device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, and risk-based factors. 

Forrester Research

CIAM Addresses Real Threats in Artificial Intelligence

New research from Forrester shows how CIAM maturity helps organizations deliver greater business value via their AI and IoT initiatives, without compromising on user experience, privacy, or security.

Access Management

Visionary, Leader, ForgeRock - It's All The Same

ForgeRock Access Management, part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, provides the most comprehensive and flexible set of services required for CIAM and traditional access management use-cases.

Let Go of Your Legacy Single Sign On Solution

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) landscape has drastically changed in recent years. Legacy single sign on products lack the flexibility to scale beyond traditional employee use-case scenarios. As more people, devices, and things are assigned identities across networks, IAM services that are simple, flexible, scalable, and designed to quickly verify identities and access privileges become imperative for any business to safely and efficiently engage with their employees and customers.

Make the Switch to ForgeRock

Become a Legend with Password Portals

It’s no secret. People are really bad at passwords. But they aren’t going away any time soon. Manual password resets can be a hassle and barrier to productivity, but sharing one password among users is also not a good way to tackle those issues.

In this session from Identity Live in Austin, Texas, see how Macy’s Inc. engaged Deloitte to deploy a digital password reset portal for its corporate and store employees, contractors, and partners using ForgeRock Technology. From using NIST Digital Authentication guidelines as a template for developing a password reset capability that creates a frictionless user experience, we will discuss ways you can be a legend in your organization.


An Identity Platform Built with the IoT, CIAM, and You in Mind

Digital Identity

Your Customers...

Millions of customers use your digital services--whether cloud, mobile, or IoT. Protect their digital identities and consolidate customer information, so it's easy to create and personalize the customer experience. 


Their Things...

Cars, drones, street lights, gas pumps, wearables, medical devices... they all have a digital identity. With ForgeRock, you establish who these devices belong to, and decide how and with whom (or what) they interact.


Their Choice.

Protect and respect privacy. With ForgeRock, you can let your customers share data selectively. Ask them what’s okay to share, how, when, and with whom. Put them in charge, and they’ll put their trust in you.

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