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AI-Driven Identity for the Modern Enterprise

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Leverage AI and ML to Identify Blind Spots and Mitigate Risks


ForgeRock's Autonomous Identity is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven identity analytics solution. By leveraging machine learning (ML) techniques, Autonomous Identity collects and analyzes identity data to identify access blind spots. The solution provides you with wider and deeper insight into user access landscape risks.

  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate risks
  • Reduce costs
What is ForgeRock Autonomous Identity?

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity Proof Points


Time Savings


Reduction in access requests, revocations, and certifications

Security Improvement


Increase in access outlier revocation rates

Risk Reduction


Reduction of required roles in major ERP application

Exceptional User Experience


Click-rate reduction in the certification review process

Source: A Multinational Financial Services Company


Reduce Identity Governance Fatigue


Overwhelmed and fatigued security and IT teams are rubber-stamping user access. With Autonomous Identity you can eliminate over-provisioning by automating access approvals and reviews.


ForgeRock Autonomous Identity is the ideal foundation for automating identity governance. When supplied with rich data, it streamlines and automates intelligence across all identity governance and administration (IGA) use cases: access requests, access reviews, and role engineering.

Gain Visibility into Enterprise-Wide Risk

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity provides you with wider and deeper insights into the risks associated with the user access landscape by providing enterprise-wide visibility. By quickly understanding who has access to what, your security and risk teams become contextually aware of your organization's risk posture.


Boost Operational Efficiencies

Manual processes delay user access to applications and systems, and, in turn, decreases employee productivity. ForgeRock helps boost operational efficiencies by auto-provisioning new employees' access based on high-confidence risk scores. It also reduces help-desk calls and tickets with automated access request approvals. The result: higher operational efficiencies and lower operational costs.


Accelerate Role Optimization

Legacy role-based access control (RBAC) relies on manual input and requires constant maintenance. ForgeRock accelerates role optimization by discovering and analyzing role access patterns. By understanding the role composition of low-, medium-, and high-confidence roles and entitlements, you can quickly optimize your existing role model by creating fewer and higher-quality roles.

Accelerate Your Identity Governance Program

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity allows you to address increasing regulatory compliance pressures, remote workforce security issues, and growing operational inefficiencies. It also increases the business value of existing identity governance solution investments by directly integrating with them.

  • Quickly understand who has access to what and why in context
  • Accelerate new employee onboarding by auto-provisioning high-confidence access
  • Reduce help-desk calls and tickets with automated access request approvals
  • Discover and analyze role access patterns across the enterprise
  • Optimize your existing role model by creating fewer and higher-quality roles

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Improve Your Security Posture Across the Enterprise

ForgeRock's AI-driven identity analytics help you collect and analyze identity data from diverse identity, governance, and infrastructure solutions. This provides enterprise-wide visibility into all identities and what they have access to. It also gives security and risk teams contextual insights into low-, medium-, and high-risk user access at scale.

  • Quickly understand organizational user access landscape risks
  • View the entire user access landscape as is, without data analysis bias
  • Respond easily to transparency and compliance audits with explainable AI based on access patterns and justifications
  • Discover and analyze role access patterns to optimize existing role models
  • Revoke stale access rights by automatically approving and certifying high-confidence and low-risk access requests



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ForgeRock Autonomous Identity: AI-Driven Identity for the Modern Enterprise

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