Cloud-Delivered Identity and Access Management

The unique ForgeRock Identity Cloud architecture is purpose-built to secure all your identities

Move to the Cloud Securely

Cloud Identity is Key to Security. But Not All Services are Alike.

The ForgeRock Identity Cloud is built on a unique multitenant architecture that delivers the security and scale you need, and that satisfies your regulatory and compliance requirements.


Enterprise Scale and Performance

With fully isolated network and service resources, your performance is never limited by noisy cloud neighbors. Your employees and customers have always-on access to applications and data with 99.99% availability.

Flexible Deployment

One size doesn't fit all. Because the ForgeRock platform is available as a cloud service and as self-managed software, you get the flexibility to coexist and migrate from any environment with minimal disruption.

Full Tenant Isolation

Your data is protected even if another cloud tenant is compromised. And our cloud is built to meet the strictest global privacy and data residency requirements.

Cloud Security

Unauthorized access is the leading cause of breaches. ForgeRock delivers a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to identity and access management (IAM).

The Comprehensive Cloud Identity Platform

Identity is your security perimeter. It's also your welcoming pathway to an exceptional user experience. Get the only cloud solution that delivers both.

Protect Your Customers' Data — And Yours

From social engineering and account takeover by small criminal operations to advanced persistent threats by well-funded rogue states, your data — and that of your workforce and customers — is under attack.

Simplify, Scale, and Save

Reduce the complexity of managing disparate point solutions and the technical debt that comes with them. Scale up as needed without unwelcome overage charges.

Stop Account Takeover and Fraud with AI-Driven Threat Prevention

Use the power of AI/ML to instantly make smarter access decisions that stop threats without creating poor experiences for your legitimate users.

Industry Leaders are Choosing ForgeRock for Cloud Identity

Partners Health Management

"A primary advantage of ForgeRock is its ease of use. We considered several solutions on the market, but we found that ForgeRock was definitely the easiest to work with."

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

"ForgeRock Identity Cloud enables AGU to simply and quickly deliver a good user experience, one that is secure and easy to use. It's really easy to set up new interfaces and user flows with authentication trees, it's easy to get users logged in without making them go through a lot of hoops."

10X Banking

"We use ForgeRock as part of our defense-in-depth posture. This is really important because banks are not just interested in security at the edge. They're interested in layers of security."

How to Choose an Identity Cloud

Analysts agree that ForgeRock is an excellent choice for improving security and delivering a more seamless digital experience for your users.

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