Common Scripting

One Way to Customize Your Needs

Organizations require tremendous flexibility to meet their needs. The ability to extend the ForgeRock Identity Platform through scripts enables organizations to customize their deployments to their requirements, with fully supported extension points across the entire platform.

Platform scripting is available in both JavaScript and Groovy, popular languages with low learning curves. Scripting is non-proprietary, fast to prototype and test, and provides an iterative and agile way to develop custom services. You can now truly deliver customization with confidence while the core engine remains untouched.

  • Allows rapid development of dynamic and complex rules to support difficult use cases with scriptable authentication and authorization.
  • Provides server side logic, correlation, and linking hooks to manage entire lifecycles of identity data.
  • Provides scriptable handlers to model and maintain gateway relationships.
  • Offers common debugging capabilities which means scripting is portable across the platform.
  • Uses a common language that can be easily modified or created with in-house expertise vs. costly 3rd party developers.