High Availability

Telco Grade Scale for the Masses

Scalability and resiliency are crucial to maintaining an effective identity management system. Application access must be easily accessible and uninterrupted, regardless of how many users are trying to access resources, where the user is located, and what device is being used.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform was designed from the ground up to provide telco grade scalability and availability, with the ability to respond to spikes in-demand. By eliminating single points of failure, application uptime requirements can easily meet customer expectations, helping to maintain customer loyalty, and drive organizational growth.

  • Make modern web services multi-node and multi-site to ensure customer and employee facing solutions are available 24x7x365 across multiple geo-locations.
  • Prevent a single point of failure with redundant servers, policy agents/connectors, and load balancers.
  • Ensure the user’s session continues uninterrupted and that no user data is lost with session failover.
  • Supports HA deployments with N-way multi-master replication, including data centers with geographic separation for managing failover and disaster recovery.
  • Offers the ability to run unlimited nodes by using load balancers to direct traffic to the available Identity Gateway nodes.
  • Supports cluster configuration out-of-the-box to enable tasks, such as reconciliation, or share loads that act as backup in the event another node becomes unavailable.
  • Extends horizontal scalability in multi-tenant environments for distributed architectures with the performance and security needed to properly address global enterprise business requirements.