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DevOps-Friendly Architecture

Accelerate deployment to tackle the demands of innovation

There is a radical transformation underway in how applications are developed. DevOps is making software development and deployment a continuous cycle, enabling organizations to rollout new capabilities faster than ever, massively reducing time to production. Insightful companies put identity at the center of everything, but legacy identity systems aren’t up to the task of integrating into this fast paced, modern environment.

Enter the ForgeRock Identity Platform, designed from the beginning for interoperability and massive scale, ideal for customer facing deployments where DevOps practices have taken hold. With a DevOps friendly architecture, the ForgeRock Identity Platform integrates seamlessly into continuous delivery environments, providing a comprehensive set of identity services to help companies generate new revenue streams and set themselves apart from the competition.

  • Leverage automation and orchestration for push-button deployment and continuous delivery.
  • Use containerized images for rapid automation, with Docker support.
  • Intelligent architecture that separates configuration from binaries to easily leverage version control for DevOps artifacts.
  • Powerful command line tools for remote configuration.

Build Customer Trust with Identity Relationship Management

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DevOps Unleashed: Strategies that Speed Deployments

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