Containerized Directory Services

Unify and orchestrate directory services for next-generation scale, high performance, security, and resilience

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What Are Directory Services?

A competitive organization is a globally accessible organization. Your customers and employees are constantly on the move and demand services that go beyond geography. Network failure in one region can impact consumer experience or employee productivity in other regions. That’s why it is critical to have world wide high availability. You need to be ready for today’s rapidly growing, dynamic environments with secure, reliable, and  globally distributed services.  

ForgeRock Directory Services provides a high-performance, high-availability, internet-scale identity store that can handle thousands of transactions per second. Born from our telecommunications heritage, Directory Services is the gold standard for identity and is designed to help you overcome poor scalability and availability. With ForgeRock, you can accelerate time-to-market with offerings that deliver reliability to consumers, employees, and enterprise-level operations

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What is ForgeRock Directory Services? Watch the video to learn how containers can be used to rapidly deploy millions of users.
The traditional deployment model relies on connected volumes and static connections. Resiliency can be an issue. 

The ForgeRock Containerized Directory Difference

Containers such as Kubernetes and Docker are commonly used in IT and have gained popularity due to the easy, modular way in which they deploy and scale. But when it comes to using containers for services that require a persistent data volume, such as Directory Services, this can present a challenge. Collapse your container, and there goes your data.

ForgeRock has taken a different approach with our Directory Services.  ForgeRock is one of the few vendors that support deploying Directory Services in containers. Understanding that our customers prefer to deploy with containers, we have developed an innovative  way to launch ForgeRock Directory Services in containerized pod technology while still connecting to your stateful data volumes in a secure, high-availability manner.

Using this approach, you can expect to lower your IT costs, and create a more consistent way to scale directories within and across your data centers and cloud platforms. ForgeRock Directory Services will keep your dataespecially identity-related datasecure and available at lightning speed to the users and applications that need it.

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ForgeRock Directory Services: Next Generation Data Management

In the future, everything will be connected to everything else. In this connected world, your Directory Services could grow exponentially from thousands  to millions and sometimes even billions of entries, as devices and users interact across a vast interconnected global network. In this environment, being able to rapidly authenticate users and things will not only be required , it will be the key to keeping your organization competitive and expanding. ForgeRock Directory Services is prepared to meet this challenge in a variety of ways.


A Data Store You Can Trust

Automation is key. You can’t have critical technology running in your data center that drains IT staff time and budget. With ForgeRock, you can automate tasks such as backup and recovery and design processes that work the same, regardless of which cloud you deploy on. Encrypted database entries ensure confidentiality and integrity of data at rest, ensuring that an administrator or any person or thing accessing the disks cannot access data or tamper with it.

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Integration is key to getting Directory Services to work in your environment. The last thing you want is a complicated software development kit (SDK) that slows down your developers. At ForgeRock, we give you choices. Use our LDAP SDK if you want, or dive into our REST API, SCIM, LDAP, and DSML-based Web Services. It doesn’t matter to us. What matters is that your developers can work at full speed ahead. . The ForgeRock Identity Platform is cloud-ready and DevOps-ready.

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High Availability and Scalability

Many data stores require replication to be stopped during service updates. This adds unnecessary IT cycles for planning and promotion of replication to another data center, and could lead to potential data loss. ForgeRock Directory Services support zero downtime upgrades. No more service interruptions, just smooth updates and uptime to support your growing organization.

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A Containerized Approach

Scale up, scale down, and replicate consistently across data centers as your needs dictate. If you see spikes in traffic, add a node with just a few clicks. Your Directory Services run with fewer IT resources in containers than they do with bare metal or virtual machines. 

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Multi-Master and Fractional Replication

Downtime is expensive and separates your users and customers from the access they need. With a zero-downtime approach, ForgeRock Directory Services makes sure you have the tools you need to preserve the integrity and availability of your data. It doesn't matter where it is storedyou can manage it all in the same way.

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Encrypted Database Entries

Find out how to secure the confidentiality and integrity of data at rest by ensuring an administrator or any person or thing accessing the disks cannot access data or tamper with it.


Migration Guide

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Directory Services in Short

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