Directory Services

Unite and orchestrate directory services for Internet-scale, high performance, security, and resilience.

Deliver Identity Where and When You Need It


Your organization thrives on speed. But slow retrieval of identity-related information in your database drags down application performance and user experiences.

ForgeRock Directory Services moves your organization beyond just a simple database to a complete, high-performance, internet-scale identity store available globally. With it you can:

  • Secure user and application data
  • Deliver lightning-fast performance
  • Scale to any size

Learn More About Directory Services

What is ForgeRock Directory Services? Watch the video to learn how containers can be used to rapidly deploy millions of users.

Modernize Your Directory


ForgeRock helps you build scalable, resilient directory services that make identities both secure and highly available.


ForgeRock delivers foundational directory services technology for the critical backbone of your IAM infrastructure. It is purpose-built to support the security, speed, and availability needs of all identities – consumer, workforce, and IoT things – now and into the future.

Gain the Speed You Need

Improve the performance of every application and user logon experience. With super-low latency retrieval of user identity attributes from anywhere around the globe, your users won't sit idle at the login prompt or get hung up doing online transactions. The result: increased revenue, greater productivity, and higher overall user satisfaction.


Secure Your Data

Lock down your identities and only give secure access to the authorized parties that need them. With fine-grain authorization, applications are given access only to the entries they need, not the whole directory. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Read-only replicas securely deliver data to the edge where your users need it.

Learn about encrypted database entries


Automate and Run with Ease

Streamline your IT footprint and save time and money by automating your directory. Scale up, scale down, and replicate consistently across data centers as your needs dictate. Use Docker and Kubernetes containers to run in public and private cloud environments. Use ForgeRock’s DevOps tools, LDAP SDK, and REST APIs to integrate and modernize your existing datasets.

Optimize Your Digital Experience

Whether you are in finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, or any other industry, making sure users get frictionless and secure access to the applications they need is essential. To do this, user identities and attributes must be readily available and retrievable at internet speed anywhere in the world. ForgeRock Directory Services can help your organization by:

  • Delivering millisecond response times and read/write performance in the tens of thousands of transactions per second
  • Deploying new instances to support new use cases, within any cloud (Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others) on any server, or deployed using containerized Docker and Kubernetes technologies
  • Offering zero downtime for upgrades so your data is always available when needed

Take Control of Your IoT

There are now more IoT devices than human users. These devices need to be identified. And they need to be authenticated, authorized, and secured. The attributes of these non-human identities must also be stored and made available for retrieval on a continual basis. To accomplish this, your organization needs to leave behind its legacy data stores and embrace resilient, scalable, and secure modern directories. ForgeRock enables you to accomplish this by:

  • Supporting millions, and even billions of users, devices, and identity objects
  • Providing the right tools to help with user migration to modern IAM
  • Offering fractional replication so your entire directory does not need to be copied across low-bandwidth connections to support IoT in remote locations

What Are Containerized Directory Services?




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