Directory Services at Unparalleled Scale
Excellence Starts at the Bottom

Let’s be frank. Your identity platform is only as good as its foundation. “Identity done right” gets done wrong without a rock-solid directory to store and access all that identity data.

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Yes, directory is your plumbing. And our Directory Services, built from the OpenDJ project, is the gold standard: decades of telco experience led us to develop a high-performance, web-scale directory, delivering throughput in the tens-of-thousands of logins per second. We’re not s*itting you when we say we’ve got a lot of experience where the Sun don’t shine!

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Data Store

As more and more connected devices and things come online, your identity data will grow exponentially. ForgeRock is rethinking Directory Services with massive data scale and high availability, providing developers with ultra-lightweight ways to access customer identity data, in order to personalize services and transform how customers engage with the world.

You need to secure identity and profile data, yet enable it to be available and actionable to deliver personalization and multi-channel engagement. Empower your IoT strategy with a directory that serves as the one source of truth for your users, devices, and things. Designed to provide and manage digital identities across platforms, the easy-to-embed Directory Services solution includes:

  • Performance, scalability, and high availability to manage data for hundreds of millions of users, devices, and things.
  • Password policy and schema management policies that include a wide variety of password encryption schemes and customizable rules for password strength enforcement.
  • Pass Through Authentication that delegates authentication to any LDAP directory, including Microsoft Active Directory.
  • The ability to replicate identity data globally for high availability, session failover, and easy access.
  • REST or LDAP to easily access identity data and integrate with your services, including LDAPv3 and REST2LDAP.

High Availability

Manage Data for Hundreds of Millions of Users, Devices, and Things

Whether it supports the enterprise, cloud, social, or mobile environments, a directory service now must be dynamically scalable, provide more sophisticated functionality, and offer easy access for the developer. ForgeRock Directory Services are optimized for performance at scale with data integrity and security. Businesses can have confidence in a service that will scale well beyond their business requirements.

  • Delivers millisecond response times and read/write performance in the tens of thousands per second.
  • Satisfies the most rigorous performance requirements across industries, from telecom and financial services to large-scale consumer-facing applications.
  • Supports widely adopted monitoring standards SNMP and JMX, for easy integration into your existing monitoring infrastructure.
  • Gives administrators the ability to configure custom alerts to inform about specific directory service events, such as password expiration, access controls disablement, and backend database corruption.

Multi-Master Replication

Guaranteed Access to Big Data Anywhere

Organizations need to build from consistent and available data regardless of where the data is stored. With ForgeRock Directory Services, organizations can quickly and easily replicate directory data at internet-scale, to provide consistent, reliable identity data, across enterprise, cloud, social, and mobile environments.

  • Ensures data availability with highly robust replication that helps to provide consistent, reliable access to identity data at all times.
  • Guarantee data availability in the event of server failure with advanced features such as assured replication.
  • Accommodates geographically distributed environments, with support for WAN-optimized replication for increased bandwidth efficiencies.
  • Offers advanced backup and restore functions such as automated, compressed, signed, and encrypted backups that improve data reliability and security.
  • Let administrators take advantage of the easiest replication setup in the industry to ensure a consistent data store and data availability across the organization.


Easily Access Identity Data and Integrate with Your Services

Traditionally, directory servers relied solely on LDAP SDKs for access, which works, but most developers prefer something more familiar, accessible, and modern. Now you no longer need to be an LDAP expert. ForgeRock Directory Services is the first LDAP directory to support a range of developer options including a REST API, SCIM, LDAP, and DSML-based Web Services. And for the traditionalists, the Directory Services SDK provides a library of Java classes and interfaces for accessing and implementing LDAP directory services.

  • Delivers a developer-friendly platform that is the only directory solution in the world to offer a simple-to-use RESTful API, extending directory services to a much larger community of developers.
  • Combines the power and security of a proven LDAP directory with the easy accessibility of a REST database query.
  • Offers a flexible data model that lets developers choose REST, SCIM, LDAP, or Web Services for access to directory data.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform

It’s alive! Typical legacy systems with piece parts stitched together, 20 different SKUs, products acquired from who knows where…. and somehow the “identity suite” you’ve been sold is supposed to work as a seamless, unified identity offering that can manage millions of identities for your users, devices, services, and connected things. You have a monster on your hands, with an identity crisis brewing.

Typical identity products don’t play well with others, and were designed with limited functionality and vision. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, leaving you to pick up the pieces, put it together, and foot the bill. These “suites” can’t scale, and they were built for thousands of employees, not the millions of identities coming online.

ForgeRock is kicking Frankenstein out of the castle. We built the ForgeRock Identity Platform from the ground up, designed from the start as a unified model to integrate with any of your digital services. We offer end-to-end capability designed to scale into the billions and support you not just now, but years into the future - and that’s no marketing spin! You get the feeling it was all built to work together, because it was. Think Rosie, not Frankenstein.

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