High Availability and Scalability

Manage Data for Hundreds of Millions of Users, Devices, and Things

Whether it supports the enterprise, cloud, social, or mobile environments, a directory service must be dynamically scalable, provide more sophisticated functionality, and offer easy access for the developer. ForgeRock Directory Services are optimized for performance at scale with data integrity and security. Businesses can have confidence in a service that will scale well beyond their business requirements.

  • Delivers millisecond response times and read/write performance in the tens of thousands per second.
  • Provides superior big index data search capabilities that return rapid results for queries across very large data sets.
  • Satisfies the most rigorous performance requirements across industries, from telecom and financial services to large-scale consumer-facing applications.
  • Supports widely adopted monitoring standards SNMP and JMX, for easy integration into your existing monitoring infrastructure.
  • Gives administrators the ability to configure custom alerts to inform about specific directory service events, such as password expiration, access controls disablement, and backend database corruption.
  • Directory Proxy extends horizontal scalability in multi-tenant environments, providing even more availability, performance, and better security for distributed architectures.