Multi-Master and Fractional Replication

Guaranteed Access to Big Data Anywhere

Organizations need to build from consistent and available data regardless of where the data is stored. With ForgeRock Directory Services, organizations can quickly and easily replicate directory data at internet-scale, to provide consistent, reliable identity data, across enterprise, cloud, social, and mobile environments.

  • Ensures data availability with highly robust replication that helps to provide consistent, reliable access to identity data at all times
  • Guarantee data availability in the event of server failure with advanced features such as assured replication
  • Accommodates geographically distributed environments, with support for WAN-optimized replication for increased bandwidth efficiencies
  • Offers advanced backup and restore functions, such as automated, compressed, signed, and encrypted backups that improve data reliability and security
  • Let administrators take advantage of the easiest replication setup in the industry to ensure a consistent data store and data availability across the organization
  • Advanced replication options, including Multi-master, Fractional, and Assured Replication, ensure consistent data and data availability across the organization. This also applies to managing instances with geographic separation