Digital Identity for the Edge

Create trusted identities, and ensure the authenticity and authorization of IoT devices and their transactions or data streams

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What Is Edge Security?

Combined with the ForgeRock Identity Platform, Edge Security provides innovative capabilities that support trusted authentication and granular relationship-based authorization decisions for common IoT design patterns, including device-to-device, device-to-service, and user-to-device.

In order to ensure the integrity of the entire IoT system, it is crucial to securely establish and maintain the full lifecycle of each device. These identities and their associated credentials must be trusted and usable across numerous connected ecosystems to prevent man-in-the-middle and other types of attacks.

The ForgeRock IoT Edge Controller runs on smart edge devices, providing privacy and integrity, including secure device attestation. With a broad range of deployment options — even where network access is not guaranteed — you can ensure trusted relationships between devices at all times. ForgeRock enables devices to harness further capabilities of the platform such as standards-based tokens, authentication, and authorization between devices, and between devices and other cloud or distributed microservices.

What is ForgeRock Edge Security?

IoT Edge Controller

The ForgeRock IoT Edge Controller uses secure, standards-based tokens instead of hard-coded usernames, passwords, or thousands of individual PKI certificates. It enables customers and partners to build industry-specific solutions with additional functionality, and, ultimately, drives higher levels of interoperability. The ForgeRock IoT Edge Controller and SDK are available as open source software under the Apache 2.0 license.

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Smart World. Smart City.

Leading organizations choose ForgeRock to provide digital identity for the Internet of Things (IoT), whenever and wherever they need to connect users, devices, and things — whether it’s customer-facing, industrial, citizen, employee, or patient solutions.

Smart World. Smart Healthcare.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, you can create digital identities for all your patients. That means you can partner with patients to collect data from applications, wearables, and digital health services.

Compare IoT CIAM Providers

The emergence of New Mobility in the automotive industry has resulted in billions of clients interacting directly with both the physical and digital ecosystems. 

The industry is influenced by four digital transformation trends:

The Disruptive Economy: A race for electric and energy efficiency superiority is underway in the New Mobility market.

Internet of Things (IoT): The growth of IoT has made it necessary to ensure secure connectivity and associations between vehicles, manufacturer infrastructure, the cloud, drivers, and pedestrians.

Cybercrime and over-reach: Within the automotive ecosystem, connected electronic components and IoT connected-services must be safe and secure.

Public opinion: Consumers want control of their personal data, and they want organizations to be held accountable when privacy is breached.

Comparing CIAM Providers: Auto/New Mobility Workbook

Move to Microservices Within Legacy Architectures

To meet today’s business demands, you need to build and adapt applications and services at scale. But inflexible, siloed legacy environments can slow you down. A microservices identity management strategy provides transformative levels of agility, scalability, advanced capabilities, and cost benefits. Built on a foundation of security, privacy, and current standards, ForgeRock’s identity-enabled microservices help your organization keep up with evolving technology trends and support an agile, performance-based framework.

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Identity Gateway: Your Passage to the Future

To keep up with customer demand, organizations are embracing digital transformation. Your business teams may own hundreds, if not thousands of customer-facing applications that are critical for your digital transformation mandate. You need an agile process to provide security and digital identity across all lines of business at a global scale.

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