Digital Identity for the Edge

Create trusted identities and ensure the authenticity of enterprise infrastructure, applications, and IoT devices.

What Is Edge Security?

As the network perimeter continues to grow opaque, it’s more important than ever to have a single view of everything that makes up the edge — infrastructure such as workstations and desktops, IoT devices, web services, and cloud microservices — and to manage these entities as full-fledged identities.

Edge security provides global organizations with innovative solutions that support trusted and standards-based authentication and granular authorization relationships, so you can effectively manage your users and devices.

  • Improve security with uniformly applied policies across every endpoint
  • Save time with automated onboarding and configuration
  • Provide faster, more secure access to apps, systems, and devices
Edge Security Diagram

Securing Your Workforce Infrastructure

The rise in unauthorized access calls for more sophisticated authentication and authorization solutions to protect your workforce and organization from damaging and costly breaches.

But stronger security shouldn’t result in poor user experiences. To keep your workforce engaged, you need to provide the right access to the right resources at the right time. ForgeRock Enterprise Connect makes it easy to secure and manage these resources.

  • Workstation MFA secures Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac workstations with the ForgeRock Authenticator App, offering push and one-time passcode (OTP) notifications.
  • Radius MFA ensures a seamless login experience to legacy applications, VPNs, databases, and Unix/Linux servers, while eliminating unwanted authentication friction.
  • Remote Desktop MFA ensures secure access for virtual and remote Windows desktops with strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.
  • Desktop SSO provides great user experiences by leveraging a single login credential for multiple accounts, applications, and services.


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Securing Your IoT Devices

IoT devices continue to proliferate in most organizations, helping to drive innovation and automation and reduce costs.

But left unmanaged, IoT devices can be a portal for malicious actors to gain entry into your organization. The ForgeRock IoT solution ensures your IoT devices are properly secured and managed from the moment they go into service until their last day on the job.

  • Secure Auto Onboarding allows for devices to be recognized, registered and secured automatically, all without human intervention.
  • Offline Device Authentication enables remote, field, and mobile IoT devices that may be temporarily off the network to securely authenticate and stay active.
  • Configuration Management ensures an “IoT profile” can be set for devices — with proper authentication and access policies in place — and uniformly push them out to all devices.
  • Integrations with Leading IoT Platforms, such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT, and Google IoT, so all devices can be managed from a preferred IoT platform vendor, while gaining the advanced identity capabilities provided by ForgeRock.


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Securing Your Enterprise Applications

Eighty-six percent of large enterprises continue to straddle the cloud and on-premises worlds. They require a way to embrace the cloud while making use of on-premises systems, such as applications, web servers, and APIs.

ForgeRock Identity Gateway empowers you to bridge the gap for enterprise-wide integration and interoperability.

  • Agentless architecture that allows for fast deployment to critical resources with zero ongoing administrative overhead.
  • Token swapping to exchange different types of tokens — stateful and stateless — to help support legacy applications, APIs, and microservices. 
  • Password capture and replay that enables single sign-on (SSO) and intelligently caches access decisions to create frictionless login experiences for legitimate users.
  • Intelligent routing for co-existence between your cloud and legacy apps, so that you can continue to evolve yourdigital transformation strategy at your own pace. 


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What is Edge Security

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