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Multi-factor Authentication for the modern enterprise.

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Prevent Unauthorized Access. Enhance Workforce Productivity

Identity-based threats present a major risk to global organizations and are often the source of credential-based data breaches, identity theft, and loss of intellectual property.

What you need is a way to provide fast, unhindered access for your trusted users, while inserting enough friction to prevent unauthorized access and thwart identity-based threats. The solution for the enterprise is to implement innovative multi-factor authentication (MFA) that unifies and protects the most commonly used and vulnerable resources.

ForgeRock Enterprise Connect is a sophisticated workforce MFA solution that helps organizations prevent unauthorized access to enterprise workstations and infrastructure.

Key Benefits


Accelerate Secure Access

With a single workforce MFA solution, you can stop credential-based attacks and provide more secure access to business apps, systems, and services.


Deliver Great User Experience

Enhance the user login experience for employees and contractors by removing unnecessary friction with a seamless authentication and login experience.


Boost Workforce Productivity

Full integration with the ForgeRock Identity Platform and Identity Cloud allows users to gain quicker access to business applications and resources, increasing operational efficiencies and productivity.


Workstation MFA

Secure Windows and Mac workstation access with the ForgeRock Authenticator App, with push and one-time passcode (OTP) notifications.

Radius MFA

Eliminate unnecessary friction with seamless login experiences to legacy applications, VPNs, databases, and Unix/Linux servers.

Remote Desktop MFA

Ensure secure access for virtual and remote Windows desktops with strong multi-factor authentication.

Desktop SSO
Deliver great user experiences by leveraging a single login credential for multiple accounts, applications, and systems.

Deliver Secure and Seamless Experiences

With ForgeRock Enterprise Connect, you no longer have to balance security and user convenience. You can deliver seamless login experiences across your organization’s entire workforce infrastructure while enforcing stronger security.

Workforce Authentication Diagram


Broad MFA Coverage

Broad MFA Coverage

A comprehensive combination of enterprise infrastructure MFA integrations to help prevent unauthorized access and credential-based attacks across your entire organization.

Seamless MFA Access

Seamless MFA Access

Simple and secure integration with ForgeRock Identity Platform, Identity Cloud, and Mobile Authenticator App helps avoid time-consuming and budget-busting custom integrations to provide a holistic workforce authentication solution.

No-Code Authentication Orchestration

No-Code Authentication Orchestration

Effortlessly define and administer no-code workforce authentication orchestration within ForgeRock Intelligent Access to improve your employees’ and contractors’ login experiences and accelerate their access to business applications and resources.


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ForgeRock Enterprise Connect

Secure access to critical workforce infrastructure.


ForgeRock Intelligent Access User Journey

Use data-driven insights and analytics to understand and fine-tune your customer journeys.