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The ForgeRock® Subscription Model

How does ForgeRock sell?

Simply put, ForgeRock® sells subscriptions to customers.

What does a ForgeRock subscription include?

A ForgeRock subscription is a bundled offering that includes a software license, legal indemnification, support, and access to all software releases.

How do you price a subscription?

We price subscriptions on a per-identity basis. We have per-identity pricing for internal identities and per-identity pricing for external identities. If your deployment scenario does not involve identities, but rather devices and things, we will work with you to identify the correct pricing metric.

Under what license is ForgeRock software released?

All of our executable software is available under a commercial license.

Is there an evaluation of your enterprise software?

Yes. There is a 60 day evaluation available with full access to enterprise software. Evaluations can be found at

What are the different types of ForgeRock software releases?

There are three types of ForgeRock releases – major releases, minor releases, and maintenance releases.

  • Major Releases: A major release of software contains substantial changes, enhancements, and bug fixes (Example: Access Management 5.0).
  • Minor Releases: A minor release of software contains minor changes, enhancements, and bug fixes (Example: Access Management 5.1).
  • Maintenance Releases: A maintenance release of product is intended to add minor features and to solve minor problems, typically “bugs” or security issues (Example: Access Management 5.1.1).

How often does ForgeRock release major releases of product?

ForgeRock releases major versions of product approximately every 12 months and minor releases every 6 months. Maintenance releases are provided on an as needed basis.

If I cancel my ForgeRock subscription do I need to uninstall the commercial product?

Yes. Unless you are under the terms of the 60 day evaluation license, you must have a subscription to use our commercial executable software.

What is the ForgeRock security policy?

ForgeRock will issue Security Advisories for vulnerability fixes deemed to be critical and potentially damaging to the public. When a security advisory is published it is made available to customers immediately. For a detailed overview of the ForgeRock security policy go to

Is there a community version of your executable software?

Yes. The community version is End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) ForgeRock software, 100% open source, and source code is released under the Common Development and Distribution License.

What are the differences between the community and enterprise versions?

The community version is free, community-supported software. The enterprise version is hardened software developed by ForgeRock product development available by subscription. The enterprise software has additional functionality not found in the community version. In addition to richer capability, an enterprise subscription enables customers to use commercial binaries along with 24×7 support services that span the entire identity lifecycle and architecture.

Are the community version and enterprise version the same code?

While the community and enterprise version originate from the same code base, they are not the same. The community version has fewer features than the enterprise version. Only the enterprise version is directly supported by ForgeRock, has the latest and greatest features, and is primed for enterprise-ready deployments.

Can you summarize the model for me?

Yes. Below is a summary outlining the differences between the community version and enterprise version.


Source Code License CDDL Commercial
Production Use Yes Yes. License required
Public Source Access Yes No
Support Community ForgeRock 24/7 Support

Where can I get more answers?

For answers to questions not addressed in this FAQ please email