ForgeRock Identity Cloud Architecture 


Designed for the enterprise with tenant isolation for higher performance, better data protection, and more privacy.


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Not All Cloud Services Are Equal

Move to the Cloud Securely

Cloud migration is key to your organization's forward momentum, helping you achieve the speed, flexibility, and scale you need in today's business environment.

But moving to the cloud raises security concerns, particularly in the face of escalating cyberthreats and rampant online fraud. It presents a range of challenges for organizations that operate under strict regulations. And it requires consistently high performance to allow you to benefit from the cloud’s promise of greater productivity.

You need the right approach to delivering fast, secure cloud access, and the answer is in the architecture. ForgeRock Identity Cloud is built on a unique multi-tenant architecture that delivers the security and scale you require along with full tenant isolation, which is key to satisfying your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Key Benefits

Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Leverage a cloud architecture purpose-built to provide frictionless digital services for consumers, workforces, and things.

Predictable Pricing and Performance

Predictable Pricing and Performance

Experience consistently superior performance, even as needs and usage change, without fear of vendor surcharges or "throttling."

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Eliminate security concerns. Rapidly move to the cloud with a service that delivers complete customer isolation via a modern multi-tenant architecture.


Full Tenant Isolation

Gain speed and performance with dedicated, fully isolated resources that ensure full access to applications and data at all times.

Granular Data Sovereignty

Reduce the risk of compliance violations by ensuring data and backups are only stored in the region or country of your choice.

Individual Backup Snapshots

Never worry about disaster recovery again with fully automated backup and recovery. Since no data is commingled, your environment can be rapidly restored in the event of a security breach.

Three Dedicated Environments

Reduce your infrastructure and maintenance costs with three dedicated environments (with the option to add more) and simplified DevOps with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Our Approach: Full Tenant Isolation

ForgeRock Identity Cloud's architecture protects you from the "noisy neighbor effect" – interference caused by other cloud users.

With ForgeRock Identity Cloud, you can take advantage of your own full suite of IAM capabilities – from the user interface (UI) to the data store – as an isolated tenant. Your resources are never shared with other tenants.

The result: you can expect zero throttling as your usage ramps up. Instead, you receive a consistently high-performing, dedicated identity service that scales to meet your needs.

The ForgeRock Identity Cloud provides dedicated resources, from the data layer all the way through the endpoints.
The ForgeRock Identity Cloud provides dedicated resources, from the data layer all the way through the endpoints.


True IAM Platform

Improve productivity and efficiency by leveraging a comprehensive true identity and access management platform (IAM) in the cloud.

Low-Code/No-Code Orchestration

Focus on critical business demands by saving time with a no-code visual drag-and-drop orchestration engine.

Fine-Grained B2B2X Delegation

Extend Zero Trust security beyond your workforce to customers, vendors, partners, and contractors.

Intelligent Routing for Coexistence

Seamlessly integrate, centralize, and manage identities across all cloud and on-premises solutions without creating identity silos.

Compliance and Certifications