IoT Identity Broker

Identity-enable IoT Brokers for Seamless Protection

In an IoT-ready world, APIs have become the cornerstone in connecting users, devices, and things to applications and services. APIs enable smart devices to communicate with other devices and leverage a variety of complementary applications.

IoT is a complex mashup of users, devices, things, services, and applications, all with varied relationships that will require a high level of security and scalability for these APIs. You need to identity-enable applications and services for seamless engagement across any user, device, or thing.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform, Identity Gateway,  authenticates and authorizes users, devices, and things to ensure secure access to applications and services is seamless across every platform.

  • Provides a secure and transparent connection between users, devices, and things to cloud services, mobile devices, and enterprise apps using the standards-based OAuth 2.0 authorization service.
  • Adds a valuable layer of security with centralized authentication as the Identity Gateway can authenticate all traffic that passes through it from users, devices, and things.