ForgeRock Identity Governance

AI-Driven Identity Governance for the Modern Enterprise

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What Is Identity Governance?


ForgeRock Identity Governance is a modern, an AI-driven identity lifecycle management solution that allows organizations to accelerate secure access, achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate risks and reduce costs. By leveraging an AI-driven identity analytics engine, the ForgeRock Identity Governance solution can identify and apply appropriate user access, automate high-confidence access approvals, recommend certification for low risk accounts, and automate the removal of unnecessary roles. By applying and enforcing compliance policies in a preventive and detective manner, ForgeRock Identity Governance ensures regulatory compliance when and where you need it. Combined with the ability to flexibly manage multiple types of identities – person, non-person, services, and things – via an extensible data model, administrators can define policies on the relationships between them as well. By fully automating these processes, your organization can close the overprovisioning and unauthorized user access gaps in your annual or bi-annual certification reviews. This intelligence-based approach enables your security and risk professionals to accelerate secure access, achieve regulatory compliance while mitigating risks and reducing costs across your entire organization.

What is ForgeRock Identity Governance?

ForgeRock Identity Governance Benefits


Increase Workforce Productivity

  • Automate high-confidence user access approvals
  • Empower employees with automated policy-based self-service access to any system and application
  • Automate access and governance controls to more easily manage the demands of today’s dynamic workforce throughout a user's lifecycle


Achieve Regulatory Compliance

  • Quickly understand enterprise-wide user access visibility and risks
  • Automate high-confidence access certifications via AI-based remediation recommendations
  • Quickly grant and enforce secure access to systems, applications, and infrastructure according to established business policies


Boost Business Operational Efficiency

  • Automate access request approvals with AI-driven recommendations
  • Prioritize and review high-risk and inappropriate user access privileges
  • Automate low-risk access requests and certifications with machine learning determined high-confidence scores


Govern Access with AI-Driven Intelligence

  • Recognize abnormal or outlier user access that is hard to identify with a manual approach
  • Accelerate compliance decision making with contextual user access insights
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms to evolve user access policies and remediation recommendations

ForgeRock Identity Governance Features

AI-Driven Identity Governance for Today's Modern Enterprise
AI-Driven Identity Governance Solution

As a comprehensive AI-driven Identity Governance solution, organizations can collect and analyze identity data (e.g. accounts, roles, attributes, entitlements, and more) from diverse identity data sources (e.g. identity governance, identity management, infrastructure, and more) in order to provide enterprise-wide user access visibility. Combined with simplified access requests, approvals, segregation of duties policies, certifications, and role mining capabilities, enterprises can fully automate the entire identity lifecycle for creating, managing, and restricting identity access to accounts, systems, applications and infrastructure.

Data Agnostic

ForgeRock Identity Governance works with all existing identity data types to develop a complete view of the user access landscape. By consuming and analyzing tens of millions of data points, the solution can predict and recommend user access rights and highlight potential risks. Total landscape visibility provides highly accurate models on what good access should and should not look like. Unlike other "black box" IGA solutions, that are based on static rules, roles, and peer group analysis, ForgeRock Identity Governance relies strictly on organizational data to develop an analysis that is free from any bias that might come from human-derived rules and roles that exist in your existing identity governance solution.

Extensible Data Model

ForgeRock Identity Governance's extensible data model allows organizations the flexibility to manage multiple identity types, including: customers, partners, workforce, citizens, machines, devices, bots’ APIs, applications, microservices, and more. Combined with a highly intuitive user interface (UI), administrators can visually define policies based on the contextual relationships between any persons, non-persons, services, and things. This intelligence-based approach allows organizations to automate identity orchestration across the entire identity lifecycle.

Self-Service Access Requests

With ForgeRock Identity Governance, users can access the highly intuitive self-service access request UI or a RESTful applications programming interface (API). Based on AI-driven analytics and recommendations, user access requests can be automatically approved and provisioned without manual, human review and fulfillment. This automated process ensures users are productive from day one while reducing help desk calls and tickets, thus increasing operational efficiencies and lowering security and IT workloads.

AI-Driven Access Reviews

ForgeRock Identity Governance allows organizations to perform access certification reviews on a periodic schedule, event- based, and even ad hoc. While traditional identity governance solutions recommend annual or bi-annual reviews, ForgeRock Identity Governance ensures organizations achieve continuous compliance by leveraging AI-driven identity analytics. Organizational actors – application owners, supervisors, administrators, and others – can take corrective action based on AI-driven analytics-based remediation recommendations, such as revoking stale user access rights and automatically removing them. By automatically approving and certifying high-confidence and low-risk access requests, enterprises can reduce operational burdens and accelerate certification campaigns across the entire organization.

Proactive Policy Enforcement

ForgeRock Identity Governance allows organizations to define security policies to ensure that toxic access combinations never happen. With AI-driven analytics, security and IT professionals can evaluate segregation of duties (SOD) policies during the access request process as a preventative control to ensure violations or improper access grants do not occur. Combined with the ability to schedule policy evaluations, organizations can proactively scan all identity data as a detective control in order to find rogue accounts or inappropriate user access. By automating policy enforcement, enterprises can reduce security access risks and maintain regulatory compliance across the entire organization.



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ForgeRock Identity Governance: High-level Overview

AI-Driven Identity Governance for the Modern Enterprise


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ForgeRock Identity Governance: AI-Driven Identity Governance for the Modern Enterprise

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