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ForgeRock Identity Governance is a modern AI-driven identity governance solution. By leveraging an identity analytics engine, ForgeRock Identity Governance allows you to identify and apply appropriate user access, automate high-confidence access approvals, recommend certification for low-risk accounts, and automate the removal of unnecessary roles and entitlements.

  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate risks
  • Reduce costs

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What is ForgeRock Identity Governance?

Cut Through Identity Governance Fatigue


Within many fast-paced enterprises, overwhelmed security teams rubber-stamp access requests. Eliminate this over-provisioning and streamline your team's workload with AI-based identity analytics.


ForgeRock's AI-driven Identity Governance approach enables you to achieve regulatory compliance while mitigating risks and reducing costs organization-wide.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Employees endure long access review and approval cycles – which hinder their productivity. ForgeRock helps you increase workforce productivity by automating high-confidence user access approvals and user self-service access to any system and application. Automated access and governance controls enable you to manage each of the diverse user lifecycles in your workforce.

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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Security and IT teams are so overwhelmed with access requests and reviews that they rubber-stamp approvals, which can lead to over-provisioned users and failed compliance audits. ForgeRock helps you achieve regulatory compliance by providing enterprise-wide visibility to your user access landscape, automated high-confidence access certifications, and enforcement of secure access to systems, applications, and infrastructure.

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Boost Operational Efficiencies

Manual processes delay user access to applications and systems and reduce employee productivity. ForgeRock helps you boost operational efficiencies by auto-provisioning employees' access based on high-confidence risk scores. In addition, it can reduce help-desk calls and tickets with automated access request approvals. The result: higher operational efficiencies and lower operational costs.

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Redefine Identity Governance Success

ForgeRock Identity Governance is a modern identity lifecycle management solution. By leveraging an AI-driven identity analytics engine, this allows you to identify and apply appropriate user access, automate high-confidence access approvals, recommend certification for low-risk accounts, and automate the removal of unnecessary roles.

  • Automate access request approvals with AI-driven recommendations
  • Prioritize and review high-risk and inappropriate user access privileges
  • Automate access and governance controls to manage workforce demands throughout each user's lifecycle
  • Quickly grant and enforce access to systems, applications, and infrastructure according to established policies
  • Automate low-risk access requests and certifications with high-confidence scores determined by ML

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Achieve Continuous Compliance with ForgeRock

ForgeRock Identity Governance enables you to achieve continuous compliance by fully automating the access review and approval processes. Once in place, you can close overprovisioning and unauthorized user access gaps in your annual or bi-annual certification reviews.

  • Simplify access requests, approvals, and reviews by fully automating the entire identity lifecycle management process
  • See the full user access landscape as it really is, with no data analysis bias
  • Achieve continuous compliance by leveraging AI-driven access reviews and approvals
  • Ensure access violations do not occur with segregation of duties (SOD) policy checks and proactive scanning to find rogue accounts and inappropriate user access
  • Revoke stale access rights. Automatically approve and certify high-confidence and low-risk access requests with AI-driven remediation recommendations

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Product Data Sheet

ForgeRock Identity Governance: High-level Overview

AI-Driven Identity Governance for the Modern Enterprise

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Maximize the Value of Your Identity Solution with AI-Driven Identity Analytics

Learn how to gain enterprise-wide user access visibility, reduce security risks and achieve continuous compliance

Solution Brief

ForgeRock Identity Governance: AI-Driven Identity Governance for the Modern Enterprise

Learn about ForgeRock’s Modern AI-driven Identity Governance Approach

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