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Simplify and automate identity management to improve enterprise-wide security and boost growth and operational efficiency.

Top Six Digital Identity Trends

Leverage a Smarter Approach to Identity Management

ForgeRock Identity Management is a modern solution that fully automates the entire identity lifecycle management process. Automation enables you to quickly create and provision new user accounts, seamlessly manage user access to target applications and resources, and quickly deprovision user accounts.

  • Secure user access
  • Boost operational efficiencies
  • Acquire customers faster
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Acquire customers faster by delivering great customer experiences

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Boost employee productivity by accelerating secure access

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Automate Your Identity Management Lifecycle


Automate the entire identity lifecycle management process, secure user access, and mitigate risks with Identity Management.


Identity Management allows you to provide the right users with the right access to applications, systems, and resources, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Accelerate User Access

Nowadays, security and IT teams are overwhelmed by a flood of access requests. Long approval cycles frustrate employees and drag down productivity. ForgeRock helps you accelerate user access. Identity Management automates day-one employee access to business systems and applications, while smoothly managing the entire user identity lifecycle. The result: happier, more productive employees.

How Identity Management Accelerates Access


Boost Operational Efficiencies

Manual processes delay user access to applications and systems – which lowers employee productivity. ForgeRock helps boost operational efficiencies with capabilities such as automated account creation and removal, self-service password reset, and workflow-driven provisioning and deprovisioning. Watch your operational costs go down.

How Identity Management Boosts Efficiency


Acquire Customers Faster

It’s no secret that complicated registration processes result in frustrated customers that take their business elsewhere. ForgeRock helps you acquire customers faster through user self-service, social registration, and progressive profiling. You benefit from accelerated conversion rates, greater retention rates, and higher customer loyalty.

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Address Growing Trends with Future-Proof Identity Management


Smart Insights


Buyers willing to pay more for a great customer experience



Cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error



Businesses will increase work-from-home capacity beyond pandemic despite security concerns

Rethink Your Identity Management Approach

Identity Management allows you to fully automate the joiner, mover, and leaver identity lifecycle process. Automation enables you to create new user or customer accounts, provision access to target applications, systems, and resources, and deprovision accounts and supporting credentials in a timely manner.

  • Effortlessly create, modify, and remove accounts with fully automated identity lifecycle management
  • Define and administer consistent password policies
  • Seamlessly enforce access rights
  • Visualize identity relationships among all users, IoT things, and associated devices
  • Quickly create and edit workflows, and integrate them easily with ticketing and help desk systems

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Secure Your Workforce

Identity Management allows you to accelerate secure workforce access, increase operational efficiencies, and mitigate security risks. It provides comprehensive lifecycle management capabilities for any identity: employee, contractor, or thing.

  • Leverage a single platform for all your identity and access needs
  • Manage diverse identity types, such as customers, partners, workforce, and IoT things
  • Gain the flexibility to define many different objects, schemas, and attributes with a highly extensible data model
  • Enjoy simple packaging and predictable pricing: one subscription for all deployments, charged per identity, not per usage

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