ForgeRock Identity Platform™

Identity Management

Based on the OpenIDM Project

What’s New

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Comprehensive & Secure Identity Management

ForgeRock Identity Management is purpose-built to seamlessly manage identities across all channels, on-premises, in the cloud, and on mobile.

Win over customers with a safe and secure online experience. Protection of user data, products, and services are more important than ever as we enter a hyperconnected world — it’s a complex and extensive web of relationships, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a mess. ForgeRock understands that as billions of users, devices, services, and things get online, you need better tools to manage and protect the relationships between them, at scale.

ForgeRock Identity Management allows you to comprehensively and securely manage the complete identity lifecycle of users, devices, and things. From identity to device registration, provisioning, synchronization, reconciliation, and more, your users and customers can feel safe as they move between devices and services. When your customers feel safe engaging with your products and services, and your critical assets are safe from harm, everyone wins.

Technical Resources

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Identity Relationship Visualization with ForgeRock Identity Management

As you bring millions of users, devices, and things into your digital ecosystem, you create even more complex identity relationships. With Identity Relationship Visualization can help to simplify relationship management at scale.