ForgeRock Consumer Identity Management

Modernize your digital customer journey.

Modernize Your Digital Customer Journey

Building customer loyalty starts at the beginning of the digital customer journey. Global organizations are looking to maximize long-term loyalty and profitability by offering a fully digital, secure, and seamless customer experience. But most digital journeys are disjointed and full of friction, leading to frustration, operational inefficiencies, and a poor customer experience.

ForgeRock Consumer Identity Management is a modern identity and access management (IAM) solution that allows you to acquire customers faster, deliver great customer experiences, and protect customers. Consumer Identity Management is a part of ForgeRock's Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution.

ForgeRock Consumer Identity Management

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What Is Consumer Identity Management?

Consumer Identity Management allows you to acquire customers faster, deliver great customer experiences and protect customers. With self-service and social registration, progressive profiling, identity management, password management, consent and privacy management capabilities, customers can securely move seamlessly across the digital customer journey.

With ForgeRock, your organization can achieve a fully digital, secure, and seamless customer experience across all stages in the digital customer journey.

  • In the registration, authentication, and self-service stages, you can provide your prospective customers with simplified registration and single sign-on to quickly acquire customers and keep them coming back.
  • In the personalization stage, you can provide fully personalized, omni-channel customer experiences that drive top-line revenue.
  • And finally, in the privacy stage, you can provide customers with complete control over their user preferences and data, which enables you to adhere to privacy regulations to ensure their trust.

ForgeRock Consumer Identity Management Benefits


Great Customer

  • Seamless customer experience via self-service registration, social registration, and delegated administration
  • Fully customizable, yet consistent, multi-digital channel personalization
  • A single unified view of customers: people, services, things, and relationships


Strengthen Security and Convenience

  • No longer a balancing act to achieve both security and convenience
  • Strong, consistent password policies across users, systems and devices
  • A more convenient customer experience via self-service password reset and customer identity verifications capabilities


Strong Customer Data Protection

  • Secure customer identity data via multi-tendency and data isolation
  • Encrypt sensitive customer identity data at rest and in motion
  • Enforce data-sharing consent and securing applications and systems via a wide variety of authentication and authorization methods


Achieve Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance with SOX, PCI-DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations beyond capturing customer consent
  • Create and manage the customer’s own user profiles for personal data sharing, date portability, and account deletio
  • Consistent profile and privacy management across all people, services, and things while adhering to all consent and privacy requirements

ForgeRock Consumer Identity Management Features

Identity Lifecycle Management

ForgeRock Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution provides comprehensive lifecycle management capabilities for any identity – customer, workforce, and thing. This begins from the day a new customer is acquired and activated or a device is registered. Each identity requires accounts with different levels of privileges across a wide range of systems to perform their duties or access new digital services. ForgeRock CIAM allows you to centrally define policies that govern access and provides a single view into all those accounts and managed identities. With identity lifecycle management, you can fully automate this process, eliminating error-prone manual processes and providing a consistent and efficient way to create, modify, and remove accounts while ensuring a high level of security.

Password Management

ForgeRock provides a unified approach to password management to ensure that the right password controls are enforced everywhere – for all users, devices, and things. With ForgeRock, organizations can set a consistent password policy, enforce access rights with password policies and rules that can specify strength, aging, reuse, and attribute validation. Combined with flexible password management, administrators can create and administer policies that let users reset and change their own passwords. With ForgeRock, organizations can design password reset journey's with Intelligent Access drag-and-drop trees. The highly intuitive user interface allows for a seamless user experience between password reset and authentication flows. This unique approach creates a frictionless flow between password reset and authentication and helps decrease abandonment rates by providing an unsurpassed user experience.

Synchronization and Reconciliation

Identity Management's synchronization and reconciliation service synchronizes data in real time and schedules the reconciliation of identity data as needed. With capabilities like delivery guarantee, on-demand and scheduled resource comparisons, and discovery of new, changed, deleted, or orphaned accounts, Identity Management ensures that consistent user identity information is available across all of the identity infrastructure, providing a consistent, personalized experience. Tying synchronization and reconciliation with business process workflows and rules allows for appropriate reviews and administrative actions.

Identity Relationship Visualization

ForgeRock Identity Management is the only modern identity and access platform that offers identity relationship visualization. At ForgeRock, we understand the importance of context and relationship information, along with user identity, in making security decisions. Identity Management offers the unique capability to visualize the identity relationships of any user or thing under management. Identity relationship visualization helps you understand the attributes, roles, and relationships among different users, as well as any given user and all their devices. This enables you to quickly detect anomalies, so you can eliminate potential issues before they turn into security problems.

Social Registration

Social login providers, like LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, Instagram, and Apple – allow users to leverage their personal accounts to sign into other websites and choose the data they want to share. With ForgeRock, you can leverage standards-based integrations with these social networks to register users seamlessly. By simplifying the registration and authentication process and building common customer profiles, your customers can conveniently use the same identity across applications and devices. This enables them to to seamlessly interact with your services instantly. This flexibility delivers a great customer experience while reducing the need to manually enter data.

User Self-Service

With ForgeRock, you can quickly define and build self-service registration and password management journeys with the Intelligent Access drag-and-drop tree interface. Streamlined registration, login, and password management experiences can significantly reduce IT costs while vastly improving the customer experience. ForgeRock minimizes the need to manage user accounts, by passing the ability to users to enable self-service registration, access requests, and password resets. Self-service not only enhances the user experience, it drives higher engagement rates, increases customer loyalty, and, ultimately, improves operational efficiency.


ForgeRock provides you with an out-of-the-box workflow engine that adheres to the Business Processes Modeling Notation 2.0 (BPMN 2.0) standard. You can use any BPMN graphical editor to quickly and easily create new workflows or edit existing workflows that are delivered as part of the solution. You can also integrate simple or complex workflow operations during the entire identity lifecycle. By providing workflow-driven provisioning activities, such as user requests, account creation, updates, or deletions, you can efficiently handle approvals, manage escalations, perform preventive maintenance and directly integrate with ticketing and help desk systems.

Privacy and Consent Management

With ForgeRock, you can allow users to manage their privacy and consent settings from a single dashboard. They can correct errors in personal information collected from a social provider, residing in an HR system, or manually entered by an administrator. Users also control who has access to what portions of their data from a single location. The dashboard supports key GDPR requirements, including the right to be informed, right of access, right of rectification, right to restrict processing, right to object to processing, right to withdraw consent at any time, and right of erasure ("the right to be forgotten"). With ForgeRock, you build customer trust by giving people the power to control their personal information, security, and privacy preferences.

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Modernize Your Digital Customer Journey


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