Identity Provisioning

Manage the Registration and Provisioning of Users, Devices, and Things Across Multiple Environments

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Identity Provisioning

Eliminate the need to rip and replace infrastructure components by leveraging the ability to access existing resources using native protocols and without requiring the dependency of complex agents and extra infrastructure. Consistent provisioning to your existing infrastructure components will ensure policy compliant identity data and a single view of all managed identities.

  • Offers flexibility for massively scalable provisioning, with your choice of backend structure (SQL, NOSQL) and technology (MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, etc) for your deployment.
  • Features role-based provisioning, high availability “out of the box,” workflow synchronization (with delivery guarantees), customizable user interfaces, and password management.
  • Enables flexible, plug-and-play services with a lightweight, pluggable and modular Java architecture built on the OSGi framework.
  • Purpose-built for big-data-scale requirements across enterprise and customer-facing systems.
  • Provides an open object-based model that is not hard-coded –giving you the flexibility to define different schema, objects, attributes, and relations to fit your exact requirements.
  • Allows you to dynamically update services and upgrade connectors without reconfiguration or restarting.
  • Delivers simple access to cloud-based systems and resources to provision changes and aggregate data.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform data connectors are a standardized, out of the box way to connect/integrate third party identity repositories such as HR databases, directories, files, and XaaS providers. They are also community driven with a catalogue of contributions available online.

System connectivity is modular, extensible, and separate from the core engine. This results in reliable, low risk connectivity to different systems. Scriptable to enable connections to bespoke APIs for data collection and bi-directional syncing, you gain exceptional flexibility to integrate, collect and synchronize data from many different sources, both modern and legacy.

  • Services and connectors can be dynamically updated and upgraded without reconfiguration or restarting.
  • OpenICF 1.5 framework (Open Source Identity Connector Framework) can be leveraged for connector development.
  • Cloud connectors include generic Scripted Connectors (allows integration with anything that Groovy supports including: REST, SOAP, JDBC, JSON).
  • PowerShell Connector allows you to write and consume PowerShell scripts and Cmdlets for simplified integration with Microsoft technologies such as Office 365 and Exchange.

ForgeRock Identity Platform, Identity Management Connectors:

CSV File Connector
Database Table Connector
Scripted Groovy Connector
LDAP Connector
Scripted SQL Connector
XML Connector
PowerShell Connector
Scripted REST Connector
Scripted CREST Connector
Scripted SSH Connector
Google Advanced Connector
Salesforce Advanced Connector
Tivoli Access Manager Advanced Connector
RACF Advanced Connector
SAP Advanced Connector

ForgeRock Community Built Connectors:

DB2 Connector
FlatFile Connector
GoogleApps Connector (APIv1)
MySQLUser Connector
Oracle Connector
SPML Connector
VMS File Connector
WebTimeSheet Connector

The ForgeRock Identity Platform

It’s alive! Typical legacy systems with piece parts stitched together, 20 different SKUs, products acquired from who knows where…. and somehow the “identity suite” you’ve been sold is supposed to work as a seamless, unified identity offering that can manage millions of identities for your users, devices, services, and connected things. You have a monster on your hands, with an identity crisis brewing.
Typical identity products don’t play well with others, and were designed with limited functionality and vision. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, leaving you to pick up the pieces, put it together, and foot the bill. These “suites” can’t scale, and they were built for thousands of employees, not the millions of identities coming online.

ForgeRock is kicking Frankenstein out of the castle. We built the ForgeRock Identity Platform from the ground up, designed from the start as a unified model to integrate with any of your digital services. We offer end-to-end capability designed to scale into the billions and support you not just now, but years into the future - and that’s no marketing spin! You get the feeling it was all built to work together, because it was. Think Rosie, not Frankenstein.