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Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard

Customers Want Control of Their Data

What if consumers were able to manage their own data and control how it’s used? Regulations like the GDPR can bring business opportunities and improve marketing efficacy with accurate and up-to-date customer data — driven directly by the consumers themselves.

Comply with complex regulations, address key GDPR requirements such as the right to erasure or ‘right to be forgotten’, meet consumer demand with a transparent and accessible profile management solution, and treat customer data as a joint asset. The Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard, part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, builds customer trust by giving users the power to control their personal information, security, and privacy preferences. Put your customers first and your organization’s success will follow.

Resources for Techies

Developer-friendly and lightweight yet powerful, the REST API framework helps you manage access rights and password policies.

Allow Users to Easily Manage Their Own Personal Data

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Profile and Privacy Management helps you:

  • Provide customers with self-service capabilities to update their user profile, security, and privacy and consent preferences.
  • Addresses key requirements of GDPR such as the right to be forgotten.
  • Alert users to recent changes to their account such as password resets
  • Configure terms and conditions to minimize risk and increase customer value.