User Self-Service

Reduce Friction and Drive Customer Engagement

As more users demand instant access to your services, you need a solution that can automate and simplify common, yet complex functions, for tens of millions of users. With ForgeRock, you can build trust by offering users robust self-service options that drive customer engagement while providing flexible privacy controls.



Customers and employees value personalized user experiences, so why not place them in the driver seat? Typically, onboarding of users often requires extensive customization and coding that is time and resource intensive. With ForgeRock, this process can be expedited with an automated process.

Streamlined registration, login, and password management experiences can significantly reduce IT costs while vastly improving the customer experience. ForgeRock minimizes the need to manage user accounts, by passing the ability to users to enable self-service registration, access requests, and password resets. Self-service not only enhances the user experience; it drives higher engagement rates, increases customer loyalty, and ultimately improves operational efficiency.

Whitepaper: Reduce Call Volume and Support Costs with Intelligent Self-Service

Self-Service Features include:

  • Self-service capabilities for self-registration and password resets are configurable in minutes.
  • Self-service registration is configurable via registration trees and RESTful API for custom mobile front ends.
  • Streamlines registration and access requests to an external source such as applications and logs request events for auditing.
  • Increases user productivity and reduces help desk costs by implementing self-service registration and automated password reset
  • Offers an out-of-the-box end user self-service and registration UI that can be easily customized.

Drag and drop self-service registration trees