Identity Workflow

Identity Workflow Management At Your Service

The key to any identity management solution is the ability to provide workflow-driven provisioning activities, such as requests for entitlements, roles or resources, running sunrise or sunset processes, handling approvals with escalations, or performing maintenance.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform has the ability to manage and integrate, simple and complex identity workflow operations – approvals, requests, changes, integrations, all via standards-based (Business Process Modeling Notation 2.0) workflow tools. For simple integration, you can to use REST calls to interact with the ForgeRock Identity Platform, (our favorite example), integrating with ticketing or help desk systems.

Workflow Engine includes:

  • Simple RESTful interfaces provide a common API for managing all core functions of user administration, synchronization, and reconciliation.
  • Pluggable server-side scripting engine provides JavaScript and Groovy support out of the box.
  • Embedded Activiti module with a variety of templates for modeling, testing, and deployment.
  • Provides workflow-driven provisioning and deprovisioning activities, whether for self-service actions such as requests for access, or for admin actions such as updating entitlements, on/off boarding, bulk sunrise or sunset enrollments, and handling approvals with escalations.
  • Industry-standard BPMN 2.0 process definition models, can be easily created and edited using any BPMN graphical editor, or executed on any BPMN 2.0-compliant engine.