Intelligent Authentication

Take Adaptive Authentication to the Next Level

Put individual customer needs at the center of your business strategy. By leveraging adaptive security intelligence, you can strike the right balance between security and customer choice to deliver a more secure and meaningful experience across all digital touch-points, whenever, wherever.

Intelligent Authentication is based on a powerful decision tree framework that enables you to:

  • Easily configure, measure, and adjust login journeys using device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, analytics, and risk-based factors.
  • Integrate with cyber security solutions with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Leverage user login analytics to increase user adoption rates, and improve the customer experience.
  • Select from a growing catalog of nodes developed and contributed by our partner and community network.
  • Automatically redirect suspicious users for further monitoring.
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Product Brief


Download this product brief to learn how to improve the customer experience and strengthen security with Intelligent Authentication.

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The Road to Intelligent Authentication Journeys

Learn what Intelligent Authentication is and how it enables you to easily configure, measure, and adjust login journeys using digital signals including device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, and risk-based factors.


MFA Was Never Enough

Every ForgeRock customer uses authentication. Every (Ok, nearly every) web service out there requires authentication of some sort - even anonymous authentication, is not really anonymous.  So what is intelligent authentication fixing?



Accelerate end user integration, improve security and allow for a future-proofed digital canvas that application and service owners can build upon. 


Easily orchestrate a simple and flexible login experience for your customers. 


A Smarter Identity Platform


Intelligent Authentication Journeys

A smarter solution to customer experience problems


Trust Every Thing

Cars, drones, street lights, gas pumps, wearables, medical devices...they all have a digital identity. With ForgeRock, you establish who these devices belong to, and decide how and with whom (or what) they interact. 


Their Choice.

Protect and respect privacy. With ForgeRock, you can let your customers share data selectively. Ask them what’s okay to share, how, when, and with whom. Put them in charge, and they’ll put their trust in you.

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