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Social Registration & Authentication

Simple, Secure Social Registration

Simple really is best. By simplifying the registration and authentication process and consolidating social profiles, customers can conveniently use the same identity across applications and devices, in order to seamlessly interact with your services instantly. Take advantage of the ForgeRock Identity Platform for a frictionless social registration and login process.

Social Registration

People are social. In fact, nearly a third of the world is connected via social media. With social registration, your users can quickly register for new services using existing and trusted credentials such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google.

With the ForgeRock Identity Platform, social registration, integrated into identity management, helps you to better serve the needs of the CMO while meeting the needs of the CISO. Reduce customer friction and expedite time to value for your customers while securing their valuable user data. Gain customer insights as part of your digital transformation, so you can deliver personalized experiences and Know-Your-Customer solutions.

  • Accelerates registration and builds common user profiles for a centralized single view of the customer.
  • Improves customer engagement with enhanced social registration and login options across any device or thing using popular social identity providers such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.
  • Gather extensive and relevant customer data from multiple social profiles using attribute aggregation and scope management.
  • Bridge profiles across multiple social identity providers for a single view of the customer, with consent, through account linking.

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Technical Resources

Developer-friendly and lightweight yet powerful, the REST API framework helps you manage access rights and password policies.

Unfriend the Form

In about the time it takes to tweet this, you can provide your users access to your applications via their social logins. Administrators and developers no longer have to rely on time-intensive custom coding and testing to deliver an experience that people have come to expect in an app.

Wizard-like tools help you integrate with any IDP and social IDPs such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, in minutes Then onboard users in a safe and secure manner via one-click registration across a range of platforms using open standards such as OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0.