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You’re running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) because functionality, security, reliability, and innovation is important to your business. Shouldn’t you require the same out of your IAM solution? Most cloud identity as a service (IDaaS) solutions are unable to meet the demands of today’s organizations because they lack critical functionality or configurability. 

To compete, you need to enable digital transformation with modern, future-proof cloud and identity solutions that can be integrated to meet your demands at scale for any use case quickly and easily.

ForgeRock is a proud AWS partner. By leveraging the power of AWS and ForgeRock’s innovative identity platform, you can fast-track your transformation initiatives while reducing the burden on your resources by making it easy to add ForgeRock’s industry-leading identity capabilities to your AWS investments. 

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ForgeRock Identity Platform: Standards Based, Secure, and Reliable

With ForgeRock, you can leverage the flexibility, ease, and security of an enterprise-grade, standards based identity platform while gaining the ability to support any identity type (consumers, workforce, things) and any use case. It is a leading AI-driven identity platform that includes intelligent user journeys, full-suite IAM and identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities, and offers feature parity across all delivery options, including on-premises, any cloud environment, and as a service. 

ForgeRock’s comprehensive, yet simple-to-use solutions allow you to grow revenue, manage risks, increase workforce productivity, and reduce costs by:

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Speed IAM Deployments in AWS With ForgeRock DevOps 

Most organizations face challenges stemming from over-burdened IT resource allocation and a lack of skilled resources. Recognizing this, ForgeRock was designed to help speed and streamline the deployment, maintenance, and management of a comprehensive identity platform. ForgeRock leverages the latest DevOps technologies using Docker and Kubernetes.

With ForgeRock, your developers can easily: 

  • Accelerate IAM deployments on AWS 
  • Conduct a fast, simple, high-availability (HA) deployment without sacrificing rich features and extensibility
  • Enable rapid solution development in a repeatable way
  • Protect workloads on any cloud at scale

 These capabilities speed time to value and increase flexibility, availability, and scalability –  leading to increased competitive advantage.

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Secure Access Across AWS Cloud Resources at Scale

With attack vectors on the rise and a need for Zero Trust security at scale,  enterprises are turning to ForgeRock and AWS to implement modern fine-grained access controls across cloud resources. Unlike traditional role based access controls (RBAC),  Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) is an authorization strategy that defines permissions based on attributes, not roles. This is ideal for organizations running on AWS that are growing rapidly and helps minimize cumbersome policy management headaches. With ForgeRock and AWS you can pass identity attributes from the ForgeRock Identity Platform into an AWS session and create permissions rules in AWS IAM based on these attributes. This enables you to:

  • Implement fine grained access control across a variety of resources and target systems 
  • Scale ABAC permissions and allow access to new resources without the need to update existing policies
  • Manage fewer policies with ease by no longer needing to create different policies for different job functions
  • Automatically grant permissions for new resources based on attributes

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