Unlock the Power of Digital Identity in Retail

Deliver personalized and secure omnichannel experiences to drive customer lifetime value.

Grow Customer Lifetime Value


Staying ahead of your competitors in retail is more challenging than ever. Understanding your customers’ needs and behaviors is key to building trust and brand loyalty. Eliminating unnecessary friction can reduce cart abandonment. ForgeRock helps you to:

  • Build a real-time view of customer engagement across channels
  • Reduce abandonment at all stages of the retail journey
  • Secure customer data to build long-lasting trust and loyalty

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Accelerate Digital Investments in Retail at Scale


4.5 M

Authentications on Black Friday


Annual Authentications


Year-to-Year Reduction in Identity Fraud


Risky Identity Access Points Identified

A Major Home Improvement Retailer

A Major Home Improvement Retailer

A Major International Telecoms Provider

A Major International Retailer


Deliver Seamless, Scalable, and Secure Brand Experiences


Unlock the power of digital identity to deliver truly transformational, secure, and trusted user experiences that help drive revenue.


With ForgeRock, you can consolidate data silos to create a single view of customer needs and trends, drive personalized offerings, and brand loyalty across physical, digital, and hybrid shopping channels.

Acquire Customers Faster

Reduce friction at account registration and onboarding. Deliver seamless multi-factor and passwordless authentication. Introduce the right amount of security at appropriate stages of the customer journey by leveraging contextual digital signals to secure customer data across multiple devices, apps, and services.

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Reduce Checkout Abandonment

Deliver seamless customer journeys at pace with low-code/no-code drag-and-drop interfaces and out-of-the-box connectors. Scale hyper-personalized customer experiences and offerings by consolidating data silos and creating a real-time view of customer needs to drive targeted promotions and retargeting campaigns.

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Reduce Attack Surface

Build loyalty by giving your customers the means to control who their data is shared with. Create a single view of identity to protect customer data across multiple brands and shopping channels. Mitigate risk of identity fraud by ensuring the right level of security is introduced to protect customers from malicious actors at the appropriate stages of the customer journey.

Enforce Zero Trust

Build Consent-Driven Trust with Data Sovereignty

Achieving regulatory compliance is one thing. But using privacy and data security to achieve long-lasting trust and brand loyalty is another. Leveraging data sovereignty and privacy to accelerate customer lifetime value is more important than ever. ForgeRock helps you achieve this by:

  • Meeting data residency and sovereignty requirements through full tenant-isolation
  • Giving customers the tools to self-manage their privacy and consent settings
  • Enabling customers to control how their data is shared with third-parties, through User Managed Access (UMA)
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with privacy requirements globally

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Drive Monetization with IoT

Connecting customers, systems, devices, and data can enhance omnichannel experiences and amplify trusted relationships. The explosion in internet-of-things (IoT) devices gives you the ability to deliver new, value-added revenue streams. ForgeRock enables you to

  • Secure IoT devices against cyberthreats wherever they reside
  • Extend a single view of customer needs to the edge, across constrained and unconstrained IoT devices
  • Automate retail operations and make in-store environments more efficient with zero-touch self-registration
  • Proactively engage customers with real-time insights from IoT devices to drive personalized promotions, products, and services

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