Digital Identity

As a comprehensive digital identity provider, ForgeRock offers unparalleled security and experiences for every one and every thing

What Is Digital Identity?

In today’s digital ecosystem, every one and every thing has a digital identity. Digital identities allow systems, services, and apps to know who they are interacting with. 

As the number of people, devices, services, and things continues to grow exponentially, it is critical to manage the complete identity lifecycle and to ensure that the right access is granted only to the right person, device, or thing. This requires a dynamic, comprehensive digital identity platform designed to provide no compromise security, privacy, and compliance, and to support exceptional experiences.

ForgeRock is a comprehensive, visionary, and leading digital identity provider.  The ForgeRock Identity Platform supports identity and access management for all use cases.


Product Brief

Identity Management in Short

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Digital Identities in the Internet of Things - Securely Manage Devices at Scale

Hear from KuppingerCole's Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger, and ForgeRock's Gerhard Zehethofer, discussing the concept of Identity Management for the Internet of Things


The Ultimate CIAM Buyer’s Guide

The What, Why, and How for Selecting the Best CIAM Provider


Meet the Digital Identity Demands of Your Workforce

ForgeRock workforce identity and access management (IAM) is a flexible, comprehensive solution that can be implemented at your organization for all use cases across employees, contractors, partners, devices, and things. With ForgeRock, you can fully support your workforce initiatives.

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Leverage a Single View of the Customer for Exceptional Experiences

ForgeRock’s comprehensive customer identity and access management (CIAM) serves as the backbone of the secure, seamless, personalized, and privacy-minded digital ecosystem that you need to meet today’s digital transformation demands. ForgeRock enables you to create experiences based on a single view of the customer from systems across your organization.

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Incorporate Privacy and Consent to Build Trust and Loyalty

What if your customers had the ability to manage their own data and control how it was used? While regulations like GDPR are designed to protect consumers, they also present new business opportunities. 

The Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard, part of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, helps you build trust by giving your customers the power to control their personal information, security, and privacy preferences. ForgeRock helps you put your customers first.

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Build a Foundation for IoT Success

The Internet of Things (IoT) extends and accelerates digital transformation by enabling new services, business models, and operational models for organizations in almost every industry. Without an effective way to establish trusted relationships across the ecosystem and control the interactions and data flows among things and entities, an IoT installation can become impossible to manage — especially at enterprise scale.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is designed to support a wide variety of IoT use cases. With ForgeRock, you can build a foundation for IoT success by applying identity, defining relationships, and establishing trust among all the elements of the digital ecosystem.

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Enable and Secure Smart Cities and the Connected World

Digital identity is the common force behind the modern convenience, safety, and efficiency of smart cities and the connected world. ForgeRock provides digital identity whenever and wherever you need to connect users, devices, and things.

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