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The ForgeRock Identity Platform transforms the way you use telematics and in-vehicle infotainment systems to interact with your customers

How Does Identity Work With Connected Cars?

ForgeRock provides simple and comprehensive identity and access management solutions to help you deepen your relationship with your customers. With a rich set of security, privacy, and consent features, our identity solution enables delightful digital experiences for people and their things.

For the automotive and New Mobility sectors, this includes supporting omnichannel customer engagement from browsers to mobile apps to dealerships. ForgeRock enables a highly personalized, connected in-vehicle experience that strengthens brand loyalty and builds new subscription and service-based revenue streams for OEMs and their strategic partners.

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IoT Connected Car
Connected Car Security

Connected Car Security

ForgeRock helps you secure vehicles from malicious hacking by those looking to exploit the lack of secure digital identity in the connected car. The frequency and severity of Internet of Things (IoT) hacks and breaches highlight the need to safeguard connected vehicles. This means protecting vehicles with a proven identity platform, providing remote access to vehicles, limiting access depending on user role (valet, mechanic, and others), and ensuring that only authorized users can access car data and telematics systems.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Assigning a digital identity to a fleet of connected vehicles results in more information, improved maintenance, and better optimization of fleet usage. Fleet managers can pull diagnostics, get alerts, track vehicle activity, and allow different levels of access to the vehicle, depending on user role, all while ensuring vehicles are digitally secure.

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Identity and the Connected Car

Identity and the Connected Car

As the industry moves beyond connected cars to fully realized New Mobility services, federated digital identities will play an increasingly important role. 

A key industry goal is to extend the user’s digital life to connected cars — enabling the same services used at home or at the office to physical mobility. To make this simple and frictionless, car manufacturers need to provide a version of single sign-on (SSO) — “Car-as-a-Service” — linking the authenticated sessions of various digital services to the car for the duration of the journey. Digital identity will provide the mechanism for this seamless and secure experience.

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