Modernize Identity Now. Coexist with Legacy. Migrate with Ease.

Forget rip and replace. Deliver great experiences and protect your organization now with the power of the ForgeRock Identity Platform.

Transform on Your Terms

Business growth requires modern identity technology. Legacy identity and access management (IAM) systems were built for yesterday’s needs. They simply cannot keep pace with today’s demands to elevate both user experience and security.

Accelerate your legacy migrations with ForgeRock. Build on your existing investments by quickly adding modern IAM experiences and security controls on top of your legacy systems. ForgeRock coexists with your existing solutions while automating seamless migrations so you can sunset costly and inadequate capabilities.


Build and Innovate – Your Way


With ForgeRock’s flexible, comprehensive identity platform, you can modernize your legacy systems and bridge your hybrid IT architectures to build and innovate your business – your way.


Leverage ForgeRock’s API-first design to coexist fully with legacy solutions for immediate and sustained value. Enjoy the flexibility to consume ForgeRock as a cloud SaaS, or deploy in minutes to any cloud environment, for millions of identities.

Modernize and Secure Your Legacy Applications

Eliminate the headache of managing complex legacy systems and processes with new web applications and connected devices. Identity-enable and modernize legacy applications and services easily with ForgeRock Identity Gateway. Bridge and enforce authorization consistently across both new and legacy apps, APIs, and microservices. Compete effortlessly with digital-native companies.

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Move to Microservices Within Legacy Architectures

To meet today’s business demands, you need to build and adapt applications and services at scale. But inflexible, siloed legacy environments can slow you down. A microservices strategy can provide transformative levels of agility, scalability, advanced capabilities, and cost benefits. Built on a foundation of security, privacy, and current standards, ForgeRock’s identity-enabled microservices help your organization keep up with evolving technology trends and support an agile, performance-based framework.

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Gain Unlimited Capabilities with Ecosystem Orchestration

Drastically reduce time spent integrating technologies. Gain unlimited capabilities with the ForgeRock Trust Network ecosystem: over 120 technology partner solutions, fully integrated with the ForgeRock Identity Platform. Leverage partner integrations like strong authentication, risk and fraud management, identity proofing, and identity enrichment technologies. Seamlessly integrate compatible technologies and derive the highest value from your ForgeRock identity investments.

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Delight Users and Secure Your Organization

Modernizing your apps is just the beginning. Today, customers and other users want personalized experiences, and workforces require the flexibility to work from anywhere. At the same time, emerging fraud and cyberthreats put security at the forefront. To address all of this requires a future-proof identity platform that enables you to put the needs of every user type at the center of your business strategy. By modernizing identity with ForgeRock, you can deliver exceptional experiences across all digital touchpoints while providing no-compromise security.

  • Centralize identities from multiple systems into one platform with zero disruption
  • Remove the friction from onboarding and sign-up
  • Give users choice of how they authenticate and share personal data
  • Gain a consistent, single view of the user across all channels
  • Implement a Zero Trust/CARTA security model

Modernize Your Business with ForgeRock

Meet Your Hybrid Architecture Requirements

Hybrid IT is a reality for most organizations. And a hybrid environment requires an IAM platform that has the flexibility to meet the needs of your existing technologies and business processes, on your timeline. The ForgeRock Identity platform is available as a cloud SaaS, or deployable in minutes to any cloud environment, for millions of identities.

  • Consume the full capabilities of the ForgeRock Identity Platform your way: on premises, private cloud, public cloud, or as a service
  • Transition at your own pace, and tailor your environment to meet your needs
  • Easily deploy to any cloud environment for millions of identities – in minutes

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