ForgeRock Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Quickly leverage the power of a comprehensive, award winning Identity and access management (IAM) platform from your mobile and web applications.

What are ForgeRock Software Development Kits?


ForgeRock software development kits (SDKs) help you build secure digital experiences faster on the ForgeRock platform. By leveraging the SDKs you can bring apps to market faster and reduce costs and risk. The SDKs enable you to easily integrate authentication, registration, and self-service journeys, allowing your mobile and web apps to benefit from Intelligent Access.

By integrating device context with user identity information, your organization can deliver great user experiences without compromising on security. With modular, extendable, native libraries, ForgeRock SDKs reduce the cost and complexity of adding single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and more to applications across multiple platforms.

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What are ForgeRock SDKs?

SDK Capabilities


Strong Authentication with Biometrics

ForgeRock SDKs enable you to quickly deliver great user experiences by enabling passwordless and usernameless authentication, leveraging biometrics like Face ID and Touch ID. The ForgeRock libraries enable you to natively integrate these biometrics into your iOS, Android, and web apps. Create secure and seamless login experiences for all your users by leveraging FIDO2 and WebAuthn and integrating into the ForgeRock platform.

Intelligent Access

ForgeRock Intelligent Access is a powerful orchestration platform that enables you to design user authentication, registration, and self-service journeys with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface. It also allows you to easily build journeys that are tailored for the user while providing outstanding security using digital signals, including device, contextual, behavioral, user choice, analytics, and risk-based factors. ForgeRock SDKs enable you to quickly integrate intelligent access into your applications and allow you to dynamically change the journey without having to recode or redeploy your applications.

Push Authentication and Soft Tokens

Push authentication is an easy and secure way to verify a user by sending a push notification directly to the user's trusted device. Your apps can leverage push technology for authentication or for individual transaction-level authorizations. ForgeRock SDKs enable you to easily embed push authentication capabilities natively into your own existing mobile applications. You can easily turn your app into a standards-based (OAuth) soft token, making strong authentication easy for your users.


ForgeRock SDKs are built from the ground up using best practices for authenticating users and securing their tokens. The SDKs use the OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) as the best practice for first-party applications. The SDK automatically handles token exchange and securely stores the tokens. To encrypt the tokens and protect them from unauthorized use, the SDK secures key material in the keychain (iOS) or keystore (Android).

Device Context

ForgeRock SDKs automatically generate a device ID. During user authentication, your app can leverage this ID along with user profile data to reduce friction for known or registered devices. The Device DNA feature collects profile information like geolocation, jailbreak or root detection, model, and platform. Your app can also leverage the information to identify anomalies like impossible travel, or to geofence access to specific locations for certain users.

Modular Architecture

The SDK has a modular and extendable architecture and is designed for flexibility. Don’t want to use our method for jailbreak detection? No problem! Just plug in your own method, or use a third-party plug-in. The modular SDK design also allows you to minimize the footprint of your app by including only those modules that your app needs.


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