Your Customers Deserve Better Protection

Breaches are on the rise — you need a modern and secure cloud architecture

We've Built a Better Way

A More Secure Architecture, Purpose Built for Enterprise


Architected for Data Isolation

Architecture matters. We've pioneered a uniquely secure cloud architecture built with full tenant isolation to protect your data even if another cloud tenant is compromised.

Enterprise Scale & Performance

Can your business afford to wait? With fully isolated network and service resources, your performance is never limited by noisy cloud neighbors. Your employees and customers have always-on access to applications and data with 99.99% availability.

Privacy & Security by Design

Compliance is not optional. Our cloud is built to meet the strictest global privacy and data residency requirements. Keep your sensitive data and backups under your control and in the required region or country.

Flexible Deployment

One size doesn't fit all. Because the ForgeRock platform is available as a cloud service and as self-managed software, you get the flexibility to migrate from any environment with minimal disruption. No disjointed solutions. No need to learn disparate tools.

The Right Architecture Backed by Dedicated Experts

24x7 Cloud Monitoring

ForgeRock real-time monitoring can identify patterns of behavior that indicate suspicious activity. Any deviations trigger a high-priority security notification that the 24x7 team investigates.

Timely Incident Notification and Response

As soon as a security incident is suspected to have involved any compromise or access to customer or supplier data, an incident notification process is started and maintained with all potentially affected parties until resolved.

Customer Support Services

Your IAM platform is business-critical, so we’ve built a support organization optimized for your success. Our Global Support Services enables you to reach experts who can resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

The Weak Link Causing Most Breaches? Identity.


According to the latest ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report, unauthorized access was the leading cause of breaches for the fourth consecutive year. Outdated identity and access management (IAM) practices — both in your organization and at third-party suppliers — open the door for bad actors using already stolen credentials to scrape even more sensitive data. Adopting a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to IAM is more important than ever before.


Increase in supply chain breaches over 2021

Breaches caused by security issues associated with third-party suppliers represent almost 52% of all breaches.

How do Identity Breaches Occur?


From social engineering and account takeover by small criminal operations to advanced persistent threats by well-funded rogue states, your data — and that of your workforce and customers — is under attack. There are many tools and methods attackers have at their disposal.

Brute-force Attacks

These types of attacks are a way to break into an account through multiple login attempts that try a different password each time. (Read tips for avoiding brute-force attacks.)

Credential Spraying

Also called password spraying, credential spraying is an attempt to access a large number of accounts using known passwords, such as default passwords, or common ones, such as password123.

Credential Stuffing

Credential stuffing typically involves bots that use automated scripts to test every username and password combination in a (stolen) database to try to gain access to an account or website.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

This form of attack takes over the communication channel between a user's device and a destination, such as a bank's server, by setting up a malicious Wi-Fi network as a public hotspot.


Malware can perform a variety of tasks. Some of the more common types in identity attacks include keyloggers, which monitor every keystroke for stealing login information, and Ransomware, which encrypts data until a ransom is paid.

MFA Bombing

MFA bombing is a tactic where a multitude of MFA requests are sent to a target within a short period of time in the hopes that the target will accept a prompt out of confusion or simply to make them stop.

In the Face of Rising Threats, ForgeRock Has You Covered

To stay ahead of increasing threats, you need a range of modern, purpose-built tools. ForgeRock's industry-leading cloud architecture and digital identity capabilities help you prevent breaches, detect suspicious activity, and respond to threats more quickly.

Identity Cloud & Hybrid IT

Identity Cloud

A multi-tenant cloud architecture purpose-build for security and privacy

ForgeRock Security and Compliance

ForgeRock Security and Compliance – ForgeRock's guiding principles for information security and trust

ForgeRock for the Hybrid Enterprise

ForgeRock for the Hybrid Enterprise – Coverage for every identity in the enterprise, cloud, on-premises, user, device, or thing

Vulnerability Disclosure Guidelines

Vulnerability Disclosure Guidelines – We believe in transparency and work with the security community to help make the internet safer

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

AI-driven analytics and enterprise-wide visibility for governance and administration

ForgeRock Autonomous Access

AI-driven fraud and cyberattack prevention that also improves access experiences for legitimate users

ForgeRock Intelligent Access

No-code orchestration to easily design, user journeys that are sophisticated and user-friendly

Zero Trust

Support for Zero Trust security across modern and legacy environments

Passwordless Authentication

Authentication without the need for passwords or usernames

Multi-Factor Authentication

An additional layer of security with the use of two or more credentials

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Reduce the Total Cost of Fraud

Online fraud attempts in the US retail sector have doubled year-over-year and tripled since 2017, resulting in a loss of over $3 for every dollar of fraud committed. Apply Intelligent Access to Your Anti-Fraud Initiatives.


Prevent Data Breaches

An identity platform like ForgeRock sits right in the heart of an enterprise, with a view of all apps, identities, devices, and resources attempting to connect with each other. It turns out that this is a perfect position to gather rich log identity data to use to prevent data breaches.

Say Goodbye to Passwords and Usernames

If you already use passwordless authentication, then you're going to like authentication without a username.