ForgeRock Autonomous Access

AI-driven threat protection for all identities that prevents fraud and cyberattacks while improving access for legitimate users

Prevent Account Takeover and Fraud at the Identity Perimeter


Autonomous Access uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor login requests in real time, blocking malicious attempts and adding authentication steps when it detects anomalous behaviors. At the same time, it provides your customers with fast, easy authentication so that nothing hinders their ability to connect with your business.

  • Prevent account takeover (ATO) and fraud during authentication
  • Remove unnecessary friction for legitimate users
  • Configure easily with drag-and-drop orchestration

What is Autonomous Access?


Make Smarter Access Decisions


In the digital world, threats are on the rise. You need a modern AI-driven solution to protect your customers and your organization from attacks that can result in damaging and costly breaches.


But stronger security shouldn't result in poor online experiences for your legitimate users. To keep your customers engaged, you need to provide the right authentication choices. Autonomous Access makes it easy.

Better Protection

Unauthorized access is the leading cause of breaches, so you need layered intelligence to protect against all types of fraud. With a unique combination of AI, machine learning, and advanced pattern recognition, Autonomous Access can block threats before they occur, driving down the cost of mitigation.

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More Customer Engagement

Removing unneeded friction for legitimate users improves the customer experience, leading to better engagement, stronger retention, and ultimately more revenue. It’s easy with unlimited, personalized journeys.

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Faster Time-to-Value

Fully integrated with the enterprise-grade ForgeRock Identity Cloud, Autonomous Access eliminates the cost and complexity of integrating various point solutions. No-code access orchestration saves time and resources.

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Better Protection is as Easy as 1-2-3

With Autonomous Access, you can treat each login request differently based on its risk score, so you can fast-track trusted users with options like passwordless authentication, while stopping attackers.

  1. Trusted User
    A low-risk user who logs in at the same time and location using the same device. User sails through login without friction.
  2. Anomalous Behavior
    A familiar user who may be using a new device or logging in at an unusual time or location. User receives a step-up challenge. 
  3. Known Threat
    A high-risk user that is almost certainly malicious, possibly a bot, having failed multiple automated login attempts. Requests can be remediated or fully blocked.

Bring Greater Intelligence to Authentication

Unauthorized access remains the leading cause of breaches, so Autonomous Access helps to close those security gaps with powerful intelligence and orchestration at the identity perimeter.

  • Prevent known threats, including credential stuffing, brute-force and bot attacks, suspicious IPs, and impossible travelers
  • Detect anomalies with layered AI, including UEBA, that continuously gets smarter at identifying the difference between normal behaviors and emerging threat patterns
  • Create unlimited journeys with no-code configuration that enables IT admins to tailor login experiences based on the level of risk
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility with views for administrators and analysts and clear explanations for decisions

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Protect your Customers and your Workforce

Autonomous Access is delivered from the ForgeRock Identity Cloud, the one platform that can protect every identity in your enterprise: customers, workforce, and connected devices.

While customers expect strong protection along with great online experiences, the same goes for your employees, partners, and vendors. They want consumer-like login experiences as they connect from everywhere using multiple devices. It’s an important factor in productivity — yet unauthorized access is a huge risk, and you need strong controls at the identity perimeter.

With Autonomous Access, you can provide low-risk users with fast, easy access, while anomalous or suspicious attempts trigger stepped-up authentication.

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