Identity Gateway

Leverage an intelligent, identity-aware gateway for a simple, consolidated enterprise-wide IAM strategy.

Secure Enterprise Applications from the Cloud to the Edge

Most organizations embracing the cloud still use on-premises systems that were built over time, such as applications, web servers, and APIs. The cloud is the future, but access to legacy resources is crucial to the business. ForgeRock Identity Gateway empowers you to bridge the gap for enterprise-wide integration and interoperability.

  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Leverage no-code integration
  • Secure apps, APIs, and microservices

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Simplify Connecting Diverse Identities


ForgeRock Identity Gateway enables you to consolidate your identity and API security solutions for a more manageable and simpler identity and access management (IAM) strategy.


Identity Gateway streamlines IAM efforts and helps you easily connect user, application, device, and service identities. It simplifies the management of identity and security for web apps, APIs, and microservices. The result is greater integration and interoperability across your organization.

Bridge Modern and Legacy Applications

Identity Gateway enables legacy and greenfield systems to talk to each other fluidly and securely. Often legacy applications cannot be changed. This is especially true when they use web agents or are owned by third parties. Identity Gateway establishes a virtual perimeter around these apps and acts as a reverse proxy, enforcing authentication and authorization. This allows you to extend the value of your business-critical legacy applications while modernizing your environments and adopting new solutions.

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Streamline Application and Microservices Security

Your development teams want to focus on building great applications, not high-effort identity tasks. ForgeRock Identity Gateway uses a Microgateway and DevOps to non-invasively secure your modern cloud and microservices applications. It also enables smart edge control by intelligently caching access decisions. This not only streamlines and brings increased security to application development, it frees precious resource time for innovation.

How ForgeRock Identity Gateway Works


Protect Your Business With API Security

Unsecured APIs are targets that expose your organization to malicious activity. You can quickly protect your APIs by leveraging a gateway to front them. ForgeRock Identity Gateway serves both as a reverse proxy and an authorization enforcement point to help maintain healthy services, monitor API traffic, throttle traffic volume, and detect anomalies. This enables you to extend and receive services through APIs without introducing risk to your organization.

KuppingerCole: Identity API Leadership Compass Report

Accelerate Legacy Modernization Without Impact

A unified coexistence and migration strategy is key to non-disruptive cloud adoption and the modernization of legacy apps. ForgeRock Identity Gateway integrates into your existing infrastructure to secure legacy applications without any impact. It also enables a smooth transition from a legacy to modern IAM platform, without impacting user experience.

With ForgeRock Identity Gateway, you can modernize without disruption by:

  • Centralizing authentication and authorization policies for a single-pane view of all access decisions
  • Enabling password capture and replay for legacy applications that cannot be modernized
  • Visually orchestrating security to your web applications and APIs with ease
  • Reducing costs by easily building access and routing policies without IAM expertise
  • Eliminating user friction during IAM modernization

Bring Security to Bidirectional Streaming

Whether for video, news feeds, stock trades, or banking transactions, modern applications running in a browser or mobile device require real-time, bidirectional streaming data. Identity Gateway allows you to secure bidirectional streaming (gRPC, HTTP/2) data without impacting throughput or performance. This results in secure, undisrupted streaming experiences users demand.

ForgeRock Identity Gateway enables you to:

  • Deliver agile security for business teams by separating security from application concerns
  • Reduce the number of product integrations by enforcing access and authorization policies for data streaming
  • Simplify policy creation and management with a Visual Designer
  • Secure microservices with a microgateway for east-west traffic and policy enforcement
  • Easily setup and configure with DevOps
What is ForgeRock Identity Gateway?

See How ForgeRock Identity Gateway Works
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KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: Identity Drives the API Economy

ForgeRock is named the leading Identity API platform Vendor in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass

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ForgeRock Identity Gateway

Simply connect applications, devices, and services – from yesterday to the Internet of Things


ForgeRock Identity Gateway

This solution serves as an intelligent, identity-aware proxy for the modern enterprise


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