Eliminate unnecessary identity complexity and increase platform agility

One API to Invoke Them All

Most identity platforms are cobbled together through acquisition. As a result, not only must you use different products, you must also invoke many different APIs to leverage all the various services across the platform.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform delivers one common REST API framework across the entire platform to provide a single, common method to invoke any of our identity services. Most importantly, it makes it simple to connect our platform to any digital thing, from mobile devices and cars to set-top boxes and machines.

Developer-friendly and lightweight yet powerful, the REST API framework helps you to eliminate unnecessary identity complexity and increase platform agility.

  • Allows you to use a single API for invoking any ForgeRock Identity Platform service.
  • Enables you to extend identity to new realms such as social, mobile, cloud, and IoT.
  • Helps you meet specific business needs with custom UIs, apps, and pages that are enabled by REST APIs.
  • Mirrors the architecture of the World Wide Web, making it simple for developers to get and post using the HTTP protocol.
  • Enables developers to interact with APIs using an API Explorer with supporting documentation.