Modernizing Your Workforce IAM

One Platform. All Identities.

With the escalation of remote work and the rapid adoption of cloud apps, your workforce can connect to more business resources every day. The result has been an identity data explosion, overwhelming risk and security professionals with massive volumes and velocity of new identities, roles, and entitlements that must be continuously managed.

A traditional IAM approach that relies on integrating disparate solutions to manage identities, secure access, and govern that access can no longer support the complexity of today's enterprise.

ForgeRock Workforce IAM is an innovative solution, converging identity management, access management, and identity governance. It provides greater efficiencies, security, and cost savings associated with the ability to manage, secure, and govern identities throughout their entire lifecycle — all within a single platform. Workforce IAM is simple to use, AI-infused, and built on the scalable, high-performance ForgeRock Identity Cloud.

Learn how ForgeRock Workforce IAM can help you:

  • Reduce operational costs – Save money and eliminate long deployments by simplifying cumbersome activities like application onboarding, access request reviews, and periodic certifications.
  • Deliver stronger, more scalable security coverage – Leverage fully isolated cloud resources with the power to process millions of permissions across thousands of applications in minutes.
  • Boost workforce productivity – Accelerate access to business applications and resources with automated day-one new hire access, and enable employees to work securely from any location on any device.

Learn more about the Workforce IAM solution today. Download the ForgeRock Workforce IAM white paper.