ForgeRock: A Leader in Adaptive Authentication

In the latest KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Adaptive Authentication, ForgeRock was named an Innovation leader for our efforts in delivering cutting edge adaptive authentication features.

Adaptive authentication is a key way to increase security for Identity and Access Management. With adaptive authentication, called ‘Adaptive Risk’ in the ForgeRock Identity Platform, contextual information like time of day, location, if the request is from a known device, and more, is used to make policy decisions for access to resources. It provides an ideal checkpoint to require additional authentication steps when risk is high or to streamline the experience when risk is low, reducing friction in common scenarios.

Organizations in all industries are looking to adaptive authentication technologies to help secure personal data, protect against fraud and breaches, and deliver a seamless user experience.

Download the report to get:

  • A review of the adaptive authentication market and its various use cases and capabilities
  • Comparison of over 10 adaptive authentication vendors
  • A product evaluation of the ForgeRock Identity Platform

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