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Upcoming Webinar: Open Banking & PSD2: Forget the Fluff, What do the Experts Think?

A financial revolution is underway. Open Banking and PSD2 are the regulatory mandates set to change the way customers interact with banks and fintechs. By January 2018, banks need to provide open access via secure APIs to other banks and third parties. This will enable data sharing between parties where customers have provided explicit consent. But what does this mean for the banking industry and beyond? Is this a threat or opportunity? The answer – both.

In This Live Debate, Our Experts Will Cover:

  • Industry Viewpoint - Ralph Bragg, Open Banking Ltd.
    • The challenges and best practices for meeting Open Banking & PSD2 standards
  • Insider's Viewpoint, Sahana Hussain, HSBC
    • The implications for banks and the opportunity to build stronger customer relationships
  • Technology Viewpoint - Nick Taylor, ForgeRock
    • The critical role of technology in addressing regulation and creating new business opportunity

White Papers
White Papers

The Guide to Trusted Digital Relationships with Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

As digital transformation continues and more and more goods and services are available online, companies are realizing that digital identity is the key to building strong customer relationships. Traditional identity and access management platforms were built for internal, employee use; that’s not enough for digital businesses that are looking to deliver secure, personalized experiences, across all digital channels, for millions of customers. These new requirements are driving a shift to customer identity and access management (CIAM). CIAM is critical for businesses that want to manage the relationships formed between apps, services, users, devices, and things. Built for flexibility, scale, and the internet of things, CIAM can help you to use identity to engage with your customers on a personal level, offer a seamless, secure experience, and introduce new products and services. 

Get this guide to learn how CIAM can help your digital businesses to:

-Accelerate time-to-market to deliver apps and services ahead of the competition -Provide stronger security and improved privacy controls to build user trust and prepare for privacy regulations like the EU’s GDPR -Develop a single customer profile for each customer, the foundation for personalization, engagement, and trusted relationships -Offer an engaging, omnichannel customer experience -Scale from hundreds of millions to billions of identities

This guide also includes a checklist for evaluating CIAM platforms to ensure they are capable of solving your customer-facing needs.


Webinar Replay: What’s New in ForgeRock Identity Management?

In this webinar, learn how ForgeRock Identity Management makes it easy for users to sign up to services using full-featured social registration capabilities, provides integration with Customer Data Management (CDM) systems, and is ready for today’s future-proof customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions, and much more.

Case Studies
Case Studies

The Identity Broker as Driver for Growth – Identity Summit London

One of the most famous brands and by far the biggest telco provider in Switzerland, Swisscom takes a very pro-active approach to security and creating a trusting environment for its customers. Because Swisscom provides such a broad range of services – landline and mobile phone, mobile payments, cloud data hosting, health records storage and so much more – it required powerful Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities. The company’s security vision and overall goal was all about data protection, privacy and sharing, yet also to give subscribers the power to determine what to share, with whom and through the channel of their choice. To implement this vision, the company built out its own Swisscom Cloud architecture with an Identity Broker (IDB) component powered by ForgeRock technologies. The intent was that the identity broker would fulfill the following basic requirements: - Single point of authentication for cloud users. - Single point of integration of external IdPs - Single point of authorization for protected web APIs The goal for Swisscom was to be able to offer one ID Broker for all services, so that subscribers essentially would be able to “Bring Your Own Identity” (BYOI). If not done this way, each application or service offered by Swisscom would have required a connection with each IDP. By implementing a ForgeRock solution, Swisscom was able to reduce costs spent on administration and significantly upgrade ease of use for the customer base, while also increasing sharing options across service offerings.