Building Trust in Digital Government, Australia

How Australian government agencies offer modern, secure digital services to support and build confidence in user adoption

Australian Government services, from census collection, licence issuance, healthcare recording, taxation and more are increasingly seeking to transact and interact with citizens digitally.

While the convenience of digital government services is welcome progress as many other aspects of our waking life become digitised, some early forays haven't always gone smoothly.

Government or otherwise, to ensure the success of digital initiatives, service providers should assure their users of security when using their services.

This security might cover a mix of concerns, including ownership and control of data, privacy, fast and convenient services, and broad accessibility, to name a few.

In this report, Australian public sector information security leaders discuss the importance of trusted digital services. They share their insights on how security and trust can be built into digital government, as well as the challenges that agencies can face as this digital shift occurs.